Holmer and Shelwick Parish Council

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The voice of local people.

Notice of Meeting

Next NDP Meeting 14th November 2018

Next Parish Council Meeting 14th January 2019

Press and public are cordially invited to attend

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The Minutes

Notes for NDP Meetings>>

Meeting dates for 2018/19:

  • Monday 10th September 2018 7PM
  • Monday 8th October 2018 7PM
  • Monday 12th November 2018 7PM
  • Monday 14th January 2019 7PM
  • Monday 11th February 2019 7PM
  • Monday 11th March 2019 7PM



Parish Councils

Parish councils have existed since medieval times, when they settled local disputes and were in charge of agriculture and land management.

They have changed over the last 1000 years into the modern constitution, which was created in 1896.

Herefordshire Association of Local Councils