Holmer and Shelwick Parish Council

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Community Litter Pick

We are undertaking a community clean up of Holmer and Shelwick. All residents are most welcome to join in – we welcome the opportunity to take part in maintaining our shared environment and have a chat with you about what’s important to you locally.

Holmer and Shelwick litter pick, 10:30AM on Sunday 28th July, meeting at Holmer Church Centre.



Notice of Meeting

The next scheduled meeting is at 7:30PM on Monday 9th September 2019.

If an extraordinary meeting is required (for planning matters that might arise) this would be held at 7:30PM on Monday 12th August.


Holmer & Shelwick Neighbourhood Development Plan

We will be holding 2 “drop-in” sessions, where you can view the NDP and ask steering group members any questions you may have.  These will be held at Holmer Church Parish Centre –

  • Wednesday 6th February (6pm – 9pm)
  • Saturday 23rd February (10am – 2pm)

More about the NDP and the draft Regulation 14 Consultation January 2019

Meeting dates for 2019:

  • 7PM Monday 11th February 2019
  • 7PM Monday 11th March 2019
  • 7PM Monday 8th April 2019
  • 7PM Monday 13th May 2019
  • 7PM Monday 10th June 2019
  • 7PM Monday 8th July 2019
  • 7PM Monday 9th September 2019
  • 7PM Monday 14th October 2019
  • 7PM Monday 11th November 2019



Parish Councils

Parish councils have existed since medieval times, when they settled local disputes and were in charge of agriculture and land management.

They have changed over the last 1000 years into the modern constitution, which was created in 1896.

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