UPDATE – Holmer West – 150478

Land to the north of the Roman Road west of the A49 Holmer Proposed erection of up to 460 dwellings.

Residents may have noticed that Herefordshire Council has put up 10 planning site notices to re-advertise and re-consult on the additional information they have received relating to the revised Transport Report along with its amended appendices and Framework Travel Plan. The PC and residents only have till the 13th June to comment upon these documents.

There is a lot of statistical information about trip generation, junction capacity and scoping assessment of the development.

Appendix A indicative master plan has identified Allotments to the northeast of the site near to the park & ride area.

Appendix B is the proposed site entrance off Roman Road.

More importantly Appendix D relates to the VisSim outputs, (traffic simulation program used for modelling transportation) this relates to junction surveys “Maximum level of Service”. The indicators from Holmer West Southern Access A4103 highlights “Approaching Unstable flow” during peak times, yet it concludes in the Transport Plan paragraph 8.1.10 “The outputs from the VisSim modelling indicates that the provision of a link through the site from Roman Road to A49 Holmer Road will off-set the impact of the development at the Starting Gate”. In effect, the impact upon traffic flow from Holmer west is only acceptable in terms of the “Principle Street” through the development.

The PC are of the opinion that this does not create a safe and healthy living environment for future occupiers of Holmer West. We are of the opinion that weighting restrictions are required to ensure that vans/lorries do not use this “Principle Street” as a cut through and clearly marked “Access Only”.

The development also proposes a green public footpath along the northern boundary of Whitegates property (end of the Church lay-by) off the A49. There is no mention of this footpath in the Framework Travel Plan to serve as a link between Holmer West and Holmer Road. The PC will question the need for the footpath on the grounds that there are no details of its requirement and if it will be designed to deter crime and anti-social behaviour.

Please make your representations to the Planning Officer, Mr. Edward Thomas (01432 260479), before the 13th June 2016. The application will be discussed at the next PC meeting Monday 13th June.

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