Traffic calming Holmer and Shelwick consultation

An exhibition of the proposed traffic calming and footway improvements will be held on Monday 10 September at Holmer Park Health Club and Spa.

This exhibition is an opportunity for members of the local community to view and comment on the proposed improvements.

Housing developments within the Parish have made contributions to Herefordshire Council through the planning process towards highway improvements. The contributions are commited for specific improvements, the first of which is the proposed traffic calming and footway improvement works.

Balfour Beatty Living Places have developed a set of proposals following discussions with Herefordshire Council and Holmer and Shelwick Parish Council. The key elements of the proposal are;

  • Reduction of speed limit on local roads within the Parish to 30mph
  • Introduction of traffic calming to support the new and existing 30mph speed limits
  • Introduction of a footway on Attwood Lane up to the Meadow Park development
  • Measures to improve conditions for pedestrians and cycles on Attwood Lane between Church Way and Meadow Park.

An exhibition of the proposals will be held on Monday 10 September at Holmer Park Health Club and Spa. This will be open from 4pm to 6pm after which point the Parish Council will be holding their monthly meeting at the same venue. A further opportunity to view the consultation material will be available after that meeting at approximately 7pm for a further half an hour.

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1 thought on “Traffic calming Holmer and Shelwick consultation

  1. Dear Chairman,

    It’s a pity that residents of The Crescent were not given a similar opportunity to comment on the proposed combined cycleway/footpath on the North side of Roman Road. In our case we we were only made aware of the proposal when sub-contractors laying the sewer rising main earlier this year informed one of the householders. On speaking to HCC, the response was that details were contained amongst the hundreds of documents forming the detailed planning consent application for the Holmer West Development and we should have objected when the submission was made.

    I think they may now have learned that proper consultation, as in this case, is a fairer policy.

    Best wishes,

    Les Harrison.

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