General Rubbish Collection for Holmer & Shelwick

Your general rubbish collection will change from November 2014

Delivery of the Black General Rubbish bins has begun in the Parish  if you  have not received yours yet go to the When will my new bin be delivered? webpage and enter your postcode.
Each bin is delivered with  a collection calendar and information pack

The alternate weekly collection system is:-

  • Black bin ‘General Rubbish’ will be picked up on one week (once every two weeks)
  • Green bin or clear recycling sacks ‘Recyclable Items’ – on the next week (once every two weeks)
  • Your collection day and recycling collection pattern may change – see the information pack that came with your black bin or with your recycling sacks
  • You should place your refuse and recycling out by 6.30am on the day of your collection
  • Collections are made for recycling and waste as normal on bank holidays, with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day
  • If you have more rubbish than will fit in your bin take it to the Hereford (Rotherwas) Household Recycling Centre *Click here*
  • If you have questions such as ‘If my general rubbish is collected every other week, will it smell or attract flies and vermin?’ or  ‘What are the arrangements for flats and for properties with communal bins?’
    *Click Here*

Remember there will be no collection on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day

Household bin collection – What is my recycling and waste collection day?

Service Standards for the Collection of Household Waste in Herefordshire >>

Recycling collection guide >>

Garden waste >>

Recycling centres >>

Parish Council Meeting at Holmer Parish Centre on the 10th November 2014 at 7pm.  You are welcome to attend.
Map on this page >>

New on this Website

  • A major upgrade to the Planning page includes a live feed of planning application for Holmer and Shelwick. This means every time Hereford Council publishes a planning application it will automatically appear on this page>>
  • Our own five-day Weather Forecast appears on the right side of the home page>>

Credenhill Park Wood, Woodland Trust.

Credenhill is a 90 hectare ancient woodland and historically important site which contains one of the 10 largest hill forts in the UK. It is dominated by conifers and there is also some natural woodland, and a ring of yew trees along the ramparts of the hill fort.

It has been designated as a special wildlife site; deer (Muntjac, roe and especially fallow),  buzzards, goshawk and kestrel are common.
Location: A few miles west of Hereford, the car park lies on the small road that connects the villages of Credenhill and Burghill.
Credenhill Park Wood >>

Free no strings attached software

As part of the service we are going to find really useful things that are available on the Web for FREE –  what is known as open source and has no string attached.
Ever wanted to have Adobe Photoshop but cannot afford the hefty price tag? Well GIMP is the answer.
GIMP is a free open source image manipulation program for such tasks as photo retouching and image creation. It has many of Photoshop’s functions and is available  for Window and MAC. It is also well supported with a downloadable user manual and there are lots of video tutorials on YouTube. *Click Here*

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Holmer and Shelwick Parish Council News Updates

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The website is growing and changing week by week so please drop by from time to time. Check out the ‘Your Commentspage where you can make general observations and commentary on any subject that concerns the parish.

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The Rose Garden Inn

The Rose Gardens Inn in Coldwells Road closed it doors to the public on the 21st September 2014 and now is only available for private functions.

So far the opinion survey ‘Should there be speed bumps in Atwood Lane’ has:-
22 for yes
nine for no
And two for don’t know – one of those was us testing the survey so the other one must be a genuine don’t know (or a ‘where is Attwood lane?’ see below if you don’t know)

We already have two comments about the subject – you can read them *Here*

Some people have suggested that the road should be one way so perhaps we could have another opinion survey asking that question.

New Planning Application

P142725/F -Proposed erection of one dwelling
P142725/F -Proposed erection of one dwelling

Go to the Planning application Page fro more detail >>

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