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  1. Dear Parish councillors,

    Following the parish council meeting on 9th Jan 2017, it was suggested that by previously communicating directly with the Chairman of the parish council via his personal email ( an email address that he gave me and responded from many times), that the campaign/ petition for street lights and search in vain for s106 funds by Meadow Park residents may have been negatively effected, as apparently all emails/requests for help should have been sent directly to the clerk of Holmer Parish Council, via this email address instead.

    This was the first time in nearly a year of communicating with the chairman directly via his email address, that I had been given this reason for the street light campaign possibly not getting the attention and help it deserved.

    The purpose of me emailing directly with the chairman was for him to pass the emails around his fellow councillors to keep them up to date of any progress and to appeal to them for help and updates on the progress of the petition and the search for s106 funds.

    I didn’t consider for a second that this may not have happened and I apologise to my fellow residents for this oversight.

    Emailing the chairman direct was done in an effort to keep the topic on the agenda of the monthly parish council meetings because as I have explained before like everyone I was unable to attend every single meeting and was therefore hoping that the parish council and ward councillor would take up the fight at the meetings I couldn’t attend and help with the further lobbying of the council.

    Therefore I will now forward all of the emails between myself and the chairman to the clerks email address, so that they become a matter of public record and so that all the other parish councillors can actually see the efforts the Meadow Park residents have gone to try to enlist the help of the parish council and ward councillor to get them to lobby Herefordshire council on our behalf and ultimately get the streetlights installed.

    Apologies for the length and number of emails sent, but I wish for them to be seen by all of the parish councillors and for them to see themselves the struggle and frustrations we have gone through to get just two letters of response back from the council, with the only option suggested being the use s106 funds.

    I once again ask you and parish councillors to lobby the ward councillor and Herefordshire council to consider using some of the current s106 funds or even future s106 funds( e.g from Holmer West development- something an employee of Balfour Beatty suggested was possible when I spoke to him after the last nights meeting).

    If nothing else we think the decision as to the use of the current £550,000 of s106 funds it has now been confirmed as available to the parish, should not be just the sole decision of a small working group of councillors or even all of the parish councillors, but thrown open to all parishioners. It is after all public funds and it’s use should be subject to public debate and vote. Therefore all possible uses for the funds not just streetlights for meadow Park should be considered as the use of the s106 funds is not set in stone and can be changed by deed.

    I ask once again – Please can you help us.

    That is all we have wanted all along – just some help.

    Sent on behalf of Meadow Park Residents by

    Mike Andrews

  2. We have received many complaints about the lack of street lighting within the parish over the past six months. In fact 86% of the people living in Meadow Park raised this as an issue in their resident’s survey. So if you have a concern about street lighting in your area please join us at our next meeting on 14th March it will be on the agenda and you can help us in our deliberations during the public participation part of the meeting.
    Please feel free to make a comment here

    If you would like to read the Meadow Park Residents Survey.

  3. Hi. I live in orchard close and I am very concerned that there are no street lights. The road is also very uneven and I have actually fallen. Is there any reason why?


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