Street lighting & Community Led Plan

New Councillors

We had a unique event at the meeting on 8th February – six people applied to join the parish council but there were only three places available. This triggered a ballot – the first time this has ever happened at our Parish Council and now, the first time in our history, we have a full quota of nine parish councillors.

The new members are Kerry Sheldon from the Furlongs, Jane Davies from the western end of the Roman Road and Angela Tyler who has a great deal of knowledge in planning;  just what we need with all the planning applications coming up within the parish.
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We thank everyone who applied it’s encouraging that there are so many people who want to get involved. If any new vacancies become available we will advertise on the notice boards, website and by newsletter. We would also like to thank HALC for guiding us through the ballot process.

Community Led Plan

We will be presenting our Community Led Plan before the next meeting. We will let you know when we have a time. What is a Community Led Plan? “A Community Led Plan is a tried and tested approach that helps local people to explore the needs of their area, set priorities and plan actions.”
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Street lighting

We have received many complaints about the lack of street lighting within the parish over the past six months. In fact 86% of the people living in Meadow Park raised this as an issue in their resident’s survey. So if you have a concern about street lighting in your area please join us at our next meeting on 14th March it will be on the agenda and you can help us in our deliberations during the public participation part of the meeting. If you would like to read the Meadow Park Residents Survey please *Click Here*,  it makes a number of interesting points in areas which will be a of use to us when judging planning applications in the future.

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Dog Poop Bins

We have purchased the first two bins and councillors Mohan and Sheldon are on the case – they are surveying the dog walking routes to find the best placement we will give you more details in the next newsletter. There is a discussion taking place on the website at the moment so if you have anything to add *Click Here* 

Website update

You may have noticed that the website has undergone a major update in design and functionality with improved performance on mobile phones.

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