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Meet The Team!
The mobile police station will be in your local area. Come and meet your Safer Neighbourhood Team and tell us about the issues causing the most concern in your community.

Where: Community Centre, Withington
When: 23rd May 2016
Time: 10am-4pm

Where: Village Shop, Moreton on Lugg
When: 25th May 2016
Time: 10am-4pm

If you would like the mobile police station to visit your village next, let us know and we will arrange as soon as possible.

The mobile police station has recently visited Credenhill, Fownhope and Hereford Cattle Market where we have given security advice, marked property and have also been joined by your local Councillors. The mobile station provides a great opportunity to meet the team and discuss issues and concerns that affect you and your community. The van is equipped with a table and chairs inside if you would prefer to talk more privately. Don’t be shy…come and say hello!

Crimes and incidents of interest from 1st April to 30th 2016

Criminal Damage. On 24th April damage has occurred to a cherry sapling tree at the entrance
to a residents property. The tree was has been severed at some stage by persons unknown.

Between 25th and 27th April, a resident has had their garage broken into. Items taken were motorbike VRM CN13JLO, two bike helmets, two mountain bikes and also a stump jumper. The locking mechanism for the garage was found to be forced.

Between 12th and 15th April items were taken from a home owner’s garage after the offenders broke off the padlock to the building. Items stolen include battery charger and various spanners.

Vehicle Crime. On the 19th April a vehicle owner discovered key marks down both sides, driver door,
passenger front door along with minor dents on the passenger door to their vehicle by persons unknown.

Hampton Bishop
Between the 8th and 16th April a single axle trailer was stolen from a farmer’s field. The trailer also
contained 40 galvanised aluminium sheet hurdles inside.

During the 20th to 21st April a generator was stolen from rural location near Hampton Bishop

There have been a several burglaries in Fownhope including Church Croft and Scotch Firs. There are still ongoing police enquiries at this stage which the victims have been updated on the progress of. SNT have carried out a number of door to door enquiries and reassurance patrols in this area including the mobile surgery. We will hopefully be able to publish further updates soon. If you or anyone you know is concerned or or would like any security advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Anti Social Behaviour. On the 24th April a resident has discovered that eggs had been thrown at their
property on two separate occasions by persons unknown.

Theft. In the early hours of the 5th April items were stolen from a trailer located in a paddock at the side
of a property. Items taken include:- 4 side panels, 1 headboard, 1 tailgate and 4 pillars.

Haugh Woods, Mordiford
Suspicious Circumstances. Between 13:30 and 15:30 on the 17th April an unknown male was seen acting
in a strange manner by two walkers. The male was seen to go in and out of bushes. Described as:-
White male, 50s, bald, big build, navy jumper and jeans. SNT have been patrolling the woods but please report any further incidents at the time.

Theft. Push bike reported stolen between 13th and 14th April. The bike was taken from the victim’s
driveway. Described as Blue frame, Hybrid, Front suspension. Offender (s) cut through padlock to take the bike.

Theft. On the 27th April a farmer reported that they have had two sheep and a water tank stolen from a
field. Persons unknown have gained entry to the field via an insecure gate using a vehicle to remove the items.

Theft. Between the 13th and 14th April a pedal bike was stolen from a resident’s property.

If you have any information which can assist police with enquiries, please call 101 or email

Where we work

Hereford Rural North SNT is based at Hereford Police Station, Bath Street, Hereford HR1 2HT we work around the areas of : Checkley, Dormington, Mordiford, Hampton Bishop, Fownhope, Stoke Edith, Shucknall, Tarrington, Weston Beggard, Burghill, Holmer, Munstone, Pipe Cum Lyde, Shelwick, Tillington, Breinton, Credenhill, Stretton Sugwas, Bartestree, Lugwardine, Preston Wynne, Westhide, Withington, Marden, Moreton on Lugg, Sutton St Nicholas, Bishopstone, Bridge Sollars, Bush Bank, Byford, Canon Pyon, Dinmore, Kenchester, Kings Pyon, Ledgemoor, Mansel Lacy, Mansel Gamage, Yasor, Yarsop, Wellington, Westhope and Wormsley.

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How to get in touch
Tel: 101 to talk to your local SNT or report a crime
Only call 999 in an emergency, when a crime is in progress or life is in danger.


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