The Rat Run & Alternative Tax Disc

The Attwood Lane Church Way Rat Run

Our Ward Councillor Sally Robertson has been working on our behalf regarding the Attwood Lane Church Way rat run and has given us an update on progress.

“In response to concerns from residents regarding rat running, we held a public meeting to discuss the best way forward. With monies from the new developments, Balfour Beatty has been tasked to put together proposals for calming the traffic and making it a less attractive alternative. I met recently with an officer from the council and Balfour Beatty’s representative in Attwood Lane to take things forward and the parish council and I have promised that once we have the proposals to hand we will hold another public meeting to which residents will be invited.

I hope this gives you comfort in knowing that something is being done albeit too slow for my liking. I have sent another email today asking for an up-date.”

Cllr Sally Robertson

Burghill, Holmer & Lyde Ward

Police Launch Emergency Contact Disc As Alternative to Tax Disc


Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police have launched a tax disc replacement called the Emergency Contact Disc.

The Emergency Contact Disc contains next of kin contact details and medical alert information for the driver. In the event of a medical emergency or road traffic collision that renders the occupants unable to communicate, a first responder will be able to obtain vital information that is not otherwise accessible at the scene.

The disc can be cut out and placed into the now otherwise redundant tax disc holder, the information sections fold inwards so it would not be viewed by passers by.

*Click Here* to download the Emergency Contact Disc. (simply open the pdf then print it)

Click Here for Emergency Contact Disc FAQ” onload=”closed”]The questions & feedback that we need to acknowledge or explain have been:

  • Q. Are my details visible to the public?
    A. No, folding the disc with the information within keeps it private inside your vehicle.
  • Q. Can criminals use this for ID theft?
    A. The information contained within is easily accessible elsewhere and is entirely optional to include in the disc. Do not include anything you feel uncomfortable sharing.
  • Q. What if there are multiple drivers?
    A. Consider printing several discs to store in the vehicle and include passport photos or descriptions for each driver.
  • Q. Why not just use my phone or wallet to hold these details?
    A. At the scene of an accident it is difficult to access personal property or overcome smartphone security to find critical information. The disc displays the same information clearly and prominently.
  • Q. Can I customise this disc for my own service?
    A. Yes, contact corporate comms or to obtain a customisable version, however the nationally recognisable format is important to ensure a first responder recognised the disc as a NOK & medical alert info card.

Train to be an interpreter

Herefordshire Council’s language service is now able to offer more accredited training for interpreters.

Applications are now invited for people interested in training to become an interpreter, through a formally accredited Level 3 Community Interpreting course.

*Click Here* to find out more.

Magnificent mushrooms & fantastic fungi – Queenswood Park

The Herefordshire Fungus Survey Group will be celebrating the second UK Fungus Day with a range of fungus themed displays and activities.

The event takes place on Saturday 11 October from 10:00am to 3:30pm and everyone is invited to come along and be inspired by the fascinating world of fungi.

*Click Here*

New First World War exhibition opens in Leominster

The exhibition at Leominster Museum tells the story of local people who went to war.

From Friday 3 October and runs until Saturday 29 November during normal library opening times. The exhibition will then tour further locations across north Herefordshire.

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For those of you who get the Hereford Times – the Holmer Shelwick Parish council article is on page 33.

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