Proposed erection of up to 460 House off the Roman Road

Public meeting at Lyde Church on Monday, 30th March 2015 at 7pm

We are arranging car parking at Kenchester Water gardens, which is opposite the church.

460 dwellings north of the Roman Road – this is the biggest development in our parish and will affect all aspects of parish life. Therefore, it is essential that all residents within Holmer and Shelwick, as well as people south of the Roman Road, acquaint themselves with this panning application and help to shape its implementation and outcome.

We are going to give extra time for you, the people of Holmer & Shelwick, to have your say at the meeting. Your comments will be documented and form part of our deliberations and representations.

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You can see the details of the application *Click Here* P150478/O Land to the north of the Roman Road west of the A49 Holmer West Hereford Herefordshire. Proposed erection of up to 460 dwellings including affordable housing, public open space, a Park & Ride facility, with associated landscaping access, drainage and other associated works.

There have been four Representations so far – below are some quotes from them – please read the comments in full when you go to the link above.


English Heritage
“The landscape design should provide a green backdrop to the church, when seen from the east.”

Hereford Diocesan Board of Education
“We hope that what is constructed in Holmcr will be a new community, not merely a dormitory. It would help to deliver this objective if the projected street plan were reworked so as to make Holmer Church and its nearby Church Hall into the focus of the development. If additional public facilities (eg shop, restaurant) were provided at the same end of the new estate, it would in effect create a “village green” and a centre of community life.

Sport England
“Sport England considers that new developments should be required to contribute towards meeting the demand they generate through the provision of on-site facilities and/or providing additional capacity off-site”.

Rosling David NHS ENGLAND
“The development will impact upon the Bobblestock Surgery which is already fully utilising all of its available clinical space so is unable to provide services to this increased population I therefore request a Section 106 capital contribution from the developer for primary medical care facilities.”

Proposed erection of up to 460 House off the Roman Road


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