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  • Herefordshire Council are the planning authority, they ultimately make the decision regarding planning matters. Parish Councils are a consultee in the planning process, alongside other bodies, organisations and elected representatives.  They can only refer comments or concerns to the lead authority for their consideration (as can any member of the public).
  •  Only Herefordshire Council can decide the outcome of planning matters.
  • Usually a three to four week consultation period is given.
  • The Parish Council would like to hear the views of residents on planning matters and indeed our meetings are regularly attended by the public.  If comments are not available from the public then the Council will debate the matter using local knowledge and with consideration to the planning system.
  •  The Parish Council can only formally consider matters when at a public meeting.  As such it would be best if residents bring concerns and comments to a meeting, or, if preferred email the clerk which can be read out as a statement. (Please supply name and address if you use this method)

RSS Planning Applications

  • P192785/O - Outline August 28, 2019
    Land at Bull Orchard Shelwick Hereford , Proposed Outline application for a residential development of 4 properties with all matters reserved. , Valid
  • P192445/F - Planning Permission August 20, 2019
    Land to the South of Oak Willows Burcott Hereford , Erection of two detached dwellings with associated access, parking and amenity provision, including permission for two static caravans tobe temporarily inhabited during the construction process. , Valid
  • P192874/FH - Full Householder August 14, 2019
    15 Orchard Close Hereford Herefordshire HR4 9QY, Proposed single storey extension to form sun room / dining area. , Valid
  • P192888/V - Certificate of Lawfulness (CLOPD) August 14, 2019
    36 Cleeve Orchard Hereford HR1 1LF, Certificate of Lawfulness for proposed single storey extension to rear, Valid
  • P192648/F - Planning Permission July 24, 2019
    The Rosie, Management Accommodation Coldwells Road Holmer HR1 1LH, Variation of condition 1 of Planning application P140049/F (Retrospective planning for residential caravan, garden storage shed/garage, conservatory, patio, single storey kitchen extension, single storey staff room extension and resurfacing to existing hardstanding). Amendment to allow for use of any of the staff. , Valid
  • P192460/O - Outline July 22, 2019
    Hawthorne Farm Shelwick Herefordshire , Proposed erection of an agricultural workers dwelling , Valid
  • P192563/FH - Full Householder July 18, 2019
    20 Turnberry Drive Holmer Hereford Herefordshire HR1 1LP, Proposed first floor extension and alterations , Determination Made
  • P192374/AM - Non Material Amendment July 2, 2019
    Magnis Works From Roman Road To Cot Barn House Hereford Herefordshire , Non-material amendment to planning permission 181596/F (Proposed 5 no.detached dwellings and garages) - To increase the roof pitch of each dwelling from 35 to 40 degrees. , Determination Made
  • P192216/XA2 - PP - Approval of details reserved by condition June 24, 2019
    Land to the north of the Roman Road and west of the A49 Holmer West Hereford , Application for approval of details reserved by condition 4 of planning permission 180618 , Valid
  • P192157/RM - Approval of Reserved Matters June 20, 2019
    Land Opposite Bridge House Shelwick Herefordshire HR1 3AN, Reserved Matters application for proposed cottage, detached garage andparking. , Determination Made
  • P192140/AM - Non Material Amendment June 14, 2019
    Land to the North of the Roman Road and West of the A49 Holmer West Hereford , Non-material amendment to permission 182712 (Application for approval of Reserved Matters (Phase 2) following outline approval (150478/O) for the erection of 221 dwellings including open space, access, drainage and other associated works) - changes are sought due to […]
  • P191770/O - Outline May 17, 2019
    Land east of Canon Pyon Road Hereford Herefordshire , Outline application for residential development (with all matters reserved except for access), public open space, landscaping and associated infrastructure works. , Valid
  • P191643/XA2 - PP - Approval of details reserved by condition May 9, 2019
    Land to the north of the Roman Road and west of the A49 Holmer West Hereford , Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 15, 16, 18,22 & 25 attached to outline permission 150478 (Phase 2). , Valid
  • P191650/O - Outline May 9, 2019
    Land adjacent Barbury Coldwells Road Holmer Hereford , Outline application for a dwelling. , Valid
  • P191343/AM - Non Material Amendment April 12, 2019
    Oakley End Shelwick Hereford Herefordshire HR1 3AL, Non-material amendment ref 182015 (Proposed two storey rear extension)- 1. Remove window adjacent to folding/sliding door in kitchen and brick up - west elevation - ground floor. 2. Brick corner piers introduced to south elevation - ground floor. 3. French doors/Juliet balcony removed and replaced with window - […]
  • P191287/RM - Approval of Reserved Matters April 12, 2019
    Land adjacent to Bannut Tree House Shelwick Lane Shelwick Hereford HR1 3AH, Reserved matters following outline 161669/O - (Site for proposed development of up to five detached dwellings) , Valid
  • P191325/FH - Full Householder April 11, 2019
    Salou Belle Bank Avenue Holmer Hereford Herefordshire HR4 9RL, Proposed single storey extension to enclose the existing patio to forma dining/entrance hall. , Determination Made
  • P191313/O - Outline April 10, 2019
    Land at Lyde Cross Tree Farm Munstone Hereford Herefordshire HR1 3AE, Application for outline planning permission for the erection of three detached dwellings and garage with all matters reserved. , Pending Appeal
  • P190917/F - Planning Permission March 13, 2019
    Bryher Coldwells Road Munstone Hereford , Proposed replacement dwelling , Determination Made
  • P190929/F - Planning Permission March 13, 2019
    Land off Coldwells Road Munstone Holmer Herefordshire , Proposed erection of 4 no. new dwellings, with associated garages, access, drainage and landscaping. , Valid