PC’s Planning Committee Statement 11th Feb

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Cllr Sally Robertson has written a short article on the CORE STRATEGY which will shape Herefordshire’s future development. She explains how it will balance environmental issues with economic and social needs. What does it mean for Holmer Parish and there is a link to download the Herefordshire Local Plan Core Strategy 2011 – 2031.
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The Planning Committee Statement

At the Planning Committee councilor Mark Millmore made a statement on behalf of the parish council. Only three minutes are allowed for each speaker and the general consensus was that the application would be approved (which it was). Therefore, the emphasis of the statement was placed on influencing the implementation of the application. Cllr Sally Robertson will now work vigorously with the developers to ensure that the Parish’s concerns are met and we get the best possible outcome.

Here is a transcript of the PC’s Planning Committee Statement 11th Feb

“The parish council have a number of concerns relating the application 141487 Land to the East of the A49 – Holmer proposed erection of 52 residential dwellings.

1. The density of the planned development has a detrimental impact on the view of three listed buildings in the area including the grade I listed Church of St Bartholomew and its Bell Tower. The view of the church will also be lost from a prominent footpath.

2. The development is too close to the burial ground. When Crest obtained their consent for the Furlongs on Roman Road they agreed, as part of the Section 106 monies, to give the Parish £15,000 to extend the burial ground. However, due to the physical constraints of the A49 on the Western boundary, a pond to the North and a high pressure network water main to the East, the burial ground can only be extended to the South. But Crest has made no provision for this in their plan. Therefore, there is no possibility to extend the burial ground at all.

3. Access into the site will branch out from the A49 on a bend which is within a national speed limit zone so there are safety concerns. For example there appears to be no request to lengthen the current 30mph speed limit, farther north beyond the entrance to the site, to give traffic time to slow down.

Given the state of the narrow pavements, lack of street lighting and high traffic speeds there is a substantial risk to the increased pedestrian population, which will be walking along the A49 back and forth from Andrews shop and the Starting Gate pub.

Furthermore, visitors to the cemetery and funeral processions have to cross the A49 from the church to gain access. A parking bay on the east side of the A49, as part of the southern extension to burial ground, would enhance safety and be a benefit to the community.

4. The entire proposal lacks attention to detail. It appears to have been designed in isolation with no sympathy for the existing local environment of housing set in rural farming countryside populated with wildlife and live stock. The density of the development is too high and will not sit comfortably within the community – a smaller development could be made to work.”

Parish Council Meeting 9th February 2015

First of all we welcome two new councilors Alan Peel and Neil Jenkins.

We agreed to allow some advertising that is relevant to local people on the website. Because we’re not allowed to make a profit we will divide the annual £150 cost of the website between advertisers. If your business is within or near the parish please contact us for details. charities will get free advertising.

We discussed dog fouling, which has generated some complaints from parishioners but, because we lacked detailed information, were unable to make a meaningful plan of action.

So we need your help: Where are the most odious areas of street pooping – for example we know Church Way is a hazard to nocturnal foot traffic and that some wayward dog owners are using the salt bins as poop bins (this has had dire consequences during the spreading of salt across the roads on icy days).

So if you see an offending item on the pavement please let us know and give its location. In this way we can build a poop minefield map. Please *Click Here* and make your report on the Your Comments page.

We also looked at the Munstone Road Speed limit issue but, unlike the Attwood Lane/ Church Way Rat Run, we do not have enough feedback from parishioners for us to make a credible argument.
So if this is a concern to you please make you comments on the Your Comments page.

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