Notes of NDP meeting 9th January 2019

Holmer & Shelwick – notes of NDP Steering Group (SG) meeting

9th January 2019

Location: Holmer Park

Present: David Cooper (DC) (Chair), John Phipps (JP), Duncan Smart (DS), Steven Sprackling (SS), Graeme Adkin (GA).

1. DC circulated the revised leaflet to advertise Reg 14 consultatio9n. A couple of minor changes were identified, which DC will incorporate before sending to print.

2. ABC Print need a window of 5 days to produce the flyers. At this stage, it is hoped to deliver the leaflets towards the end of January, with the Reg 14 session starting shortly after.

3. Discussion as to location of drop-in sessions – either Holmer Park or Church Hall. DC to check costs and availability.

4. Drop-in sessions – DC still has the display boards used at the previous open day. With amendments to incorporate the changes to the settlement boundaries, then these can be utilised again.

5. JP will amend design statement to reflect minor changes discussed.

6. DC advised he will receive the revised draft NDP from Kirkwells later this week. All steering group members to review contents asap to check for accuracy.

7. The Parish Council must authorise the NDP before it can go to consultation.

8. Next meeting proposed for Monday 21st January to finalise arrangements.

Action points
1. GA to circulate minutes.
2. DC – amend flyer
3. JP – amend design statement
4. All – any further changes to draft NDP – as a priority
5. Consolidate minutes of previous meetings – DC/GA