Notes of NDP meeting 3rd April 2019

Holmer & Shelwick – notes of NDP Steering Group (SG) meeting

3rd April 2019

Location: Holmer Park
Present: David Cooper (DC) (Chair), John Phipps (JP), Duncan Smart (DS), Steven Sprackling (SS)

  1. The meeting was spent reviewing Kirkwells advice on the regulation 14 responses to agree and decide next steps.
  2. Lost footpath running through green spaces discussed. Agreed to add this footpath 7 to maps. Action DS
  3. Decide that some of the views in reg 14 document that could not be seen from the parish be removed and replaced with a number of others that demonstrate the rural views in the parish. Action DS
  4. Agreed which recommendations received from the consultation process. DC to amend the NDP document ready for next meeting.  More work required complete responses and actions from the remaining responses

Next meeting : 10th April at 7pm – Homer Park