Notes of NDP meeting 21st January 2019

Holmer & Shelwick – notes of NDP Steering Group (SG) meeting

21st January 2019

Location: Holmer Park
Present: David Cooper (DC) (Chair), John Phipps (JP), Duncan Smart (DS), Graeme Adkin (GA).

1. DC had previously circulated draft 7 of the NDP, for the Reg 14 consultation.

2. DC advised that to avoid the May election purdah, the document had to be submitted to Herefordshire Council (HC) by 21st January. Otherwise the consultation would not commence until after the May elections. SG agreed to finalise and submit tonight.

3. The Reg 14 consultation will take place between 28th January and 11th March 2019. There will be drop-in sessions at Holmer Church Parish Centre on Wednesday 6th February (6pm – 9pm) and Saturday 23rd February (10am – 2pm). The public are invited to attend to view the plan and ask any questions they may have.

4. Hard copies of the NDP can be viewed throughout the consultation at Holmer Vets, Holmer Park Leisure and Holmer Shop. Copies will be available to view at the drop-in sessions also. Otherwise it can be seen on the Holmer and Shelwick website.

5. Several points had been previously raised for discussion, but in the circumstances, the SG agreed to consider the most important, and to leave consideration of other minor issues, and typo errors, for consideration after Reg 14.

6. Several points were considered and discussed and agreement was reached to ensure that the Reg 14 deadline was not missed. DC will amend the draft and submit to HC.

7. SG agreed how the delivery of the leaflets throughout the parish (to all households) would be completed by Sunday 27th January.

8. Maps will be provided for the drop-in sessions.

9. The next meeting of the SG will be held on Monday 4th February at Holmer Park.

Action points
1. Deliver leaflets – All.
2. GA to circulate minutes.
3. DC – amend draft NDP and submit to HC.
4. DC – arrange printing of NDP.
5. DS & JP – arrange printing of maps for drop-in sessions.
6. Consolidate (and sign) minutes of previous meetings – DC/GA.