Notes of NDP Meeting 19th December 2018

Holmer & Shelwick – notes of NDP Steering Group (SG) meeting

19th December 2018

Location – Holmer Park

Present – David Cooper (DC) (Chair), John Phipps (JP), Duncan Smart (DS), Graeme Adkin (GA), and 1 member of the public.

1. DC introduced the member of the public who wanted clarification on the settlement boundary and how that would impact on any development plans outside of the boundary in years to come.

2. Members of the SG confirmed he would have the opportunity to offer formal feedback at the Reg 14 consultation (about to start), the Reg 16 consultation, could put in a protective planning application, or may be able to obtain planning permission as “land adjacent to the settlement boundary” if the NDP is adopted. He thanked the SG for their comments.

3. Following discussions with Kirkwells, DC circulated his revised draft flyer advertising the Reg 14 consultation. GA will re-send an alternative flier, for SG to comment and make the final decision.

4. DC showed the agreed changes on a hard copy of the draft NDP, which will be sent to Kirkwells for final amendments before Reg 14 print.

5. Everyone agreed proposed dates for the Reg 14 consultation (January – March 2019) and also the dates for the drop-in sessions. These may change slightly, dependent on timings and revisions to the draft.

6. Everyone agreed that JP’s draft of the Design Statement had covered all the main points required. Everyone to propose amendments by Saturday morning for JP to revise draft.

7. Everyone to consider further amendments to the draft as a priority, before revision and printing by Kirkwells.

8. Date of next meeting – to be confirmed in due course

Action points
1. GA to circulate minutes.
2. GA re-send flier email – all to consider
3. All – consider draft Design Statement and circulate promptly.
4. JP to re-draft design statement
5. All – any further changes to draft NDP – as a priority