Notes of NDP meeting 13th March 2019

Holmer & Shelwick – notes of NDP Steering Group (SG) meeting

13th March 2019

Location: Holmer Park
Present: David Cooper (DC) (Chair), John Phipps (JP), Duncan Smart (DS), Steven Sprackling (SS), Graeme Adkin (GA).

1. DC had previously circulated all the responses received during the recent Reg 14 consultation.

2. DC advised that he had sent a copy of each of them for Kirkwells to consider and advise accordingly.

3. Attendees briefly discussed each of the responses received.

4. DC will contact Kirkwells to see when we may expect a reply on the responses.

5. Agreed to provisionally arrange the next meeting for 27th March.

Action points
1. Liaise with Kirkwells (DC)
2. Book Holmer Park for next mtg (DC)
3. Prepare notes on mtg (GA)
4. Consider criteria for selecting views in the NDP (GA)
5. Consolidate (and sign) minutes of previous meetings (DC/GA)