Notes of NDP meeting 10th April 2019

Holmer & Shelwick – notes of NDP Steering Group (SG) meeting

10th April 2019

Location: Holmer Park
Present: David Cooper (DC) (Chair),  Duncan Smart (DS), Steven Sprackling (SS)

  1. DS circulated revised Maps showing the closed footpath 7 as it went through the green spaces in the NDP. Agreed to add to the master NDP document
  2. Group reviewed addition views of open countryside in the parish and agreed to add to the Master NDP Document
  3. DC agreed to produce a revised map showing each view and its location
  4. DC reported that he had completed and end of grant report and applied for a new grant from the following year.
  5. Received and recommended approval of the latest invoice from Kirkwells.
  6. Due to Holiday commitments next meeting set for 5th June 2019

Next meeting : 5th June at 7pm – Homer Park