Notes of Holmer & Shelwick NDP Steering Group meeting

Notes of Holmer & Shelwick NDP Steering Group meeting

5 December 2018

Location – Holmer Park

Dave Cooper – DC (Chair); John Phipps – JP; Duncan Smart – DS; Steve Sprackling – SS; Graeme Adkin – GA

Discussion on the following points: –

1. Agreed that the delivery of leaflets to each household will be done early in 6-week Reg 14 consultation. The draft NDP will be on the website prior to the leaflet drop; and the 2 drop-in sessions will be early to middle of the period. Dates to be arranged once draft printed.

2. Layout of the leaflet was discussed. All to consider the format over the next week.

3. All to consider the comments (from Open Day, Hfds Council and others, received over the duration, and follow-up action taken, within the next week. Include as an appendix in the NDP.

4. Discussion of changes to be made to the current draft, as follows: – change settlement boundary; feedback to appendix; include design statement; amend maps/pictures to show – duck pond, arrows to show where views are taken from; remove winding point (on canal route); trig point is OK.

5. Next meeting arranged for Wednesday 19th December.

Action points
1. All to consider leaflet design within a week.
2. All to consider comments received, and follow-up, within the next week. Possibly include as an appendix in the NDP.
3. JP to finalise design statement.
4. DC to forward dates and info from previous steering group meetings to GA to prepare for website.
5. DC to circulate latest NDP draft (done), and proposed leaflet.
6. DC – amend draft as identified above. DC – arrange with Kirkwells to print revised draft, and ABC to get leaflets by 2nd – 3rd week in January, and finalise Reg 14 period; seek Parish Council authorisation of draft and to proceed with Reg 14.
7. Advertise Reg 14 in County Times, noticeboards, website, library, vets, pub, shop in due course.
8. Next meeting on Wednesday 19th December.
9. GA – prepare notes of meeting and advertise next meeting on website.