Munstone Telecommunications Mast

Residents in Munstone have expressed their anxiety over Allpay’s application to build a Telecommunications mast at Rosebank. Unfortunately Hereford council’s planning department failed to inform us, at the Parish Council, of this particular application and we only found out about it after we installed the ‘Live Planning Feed’ on our website. So we have been slow to respond to resident’s concerns. However, the application has now been withdrawn; largely due to the residents taking the initiative and making their objections directly.

The application is likely to be resubmitted in the future and we will be ready to support the needs of local people when it does. In the mean time check out the ‘Your Comments’ page – local resident Steve Baker has made an extensive commentary on the application together with some scientific and commercial considerations. You will also find an opinion survey and we urge you to gives us your comments for or against the Telecommunications mast so that the Parish Council may effectively represent your interests.

Now we have the ‘Live Planning Feed’ installed on the Planning Page we are no longer reliant on Hereford Council to inform us of a planning applications so this sort of oversight is unlikely to happen again.

Reporting Litter, Fly Tipping and the like.

If you’re annoyed by litter, dog fouled pavements and other odious or unsightly features within the parish you can of course go to the  ‘Your Comments’ page and point out areas of ghastliness. You can also go the Hereford Council website and make a report. Here are the links: –

Report litter

This service is for reporting build-ups of litter>>

Fly tipping is a crime. Report fly tipping>>

Report a full litter bin>>

Report graffiti>>

Report dog fouling>>

Report grass verge that needs cutting>>

Bogus caller alert

A man allegedly ringing from a call centre and claiming to be from Herefordshire Council has been asking residents for personal information relating to income and financial status.

This is a scam and if you receive such a call hang up and do not give any information.
The police have been informed.

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2 thoughts on “Munstone Telecommunications Mast”

  1. Hi Ronaldo
    I plead guilty the grass verge is a mess and I apologise. There have been some circumstances in our lives this year which have caused us to neglect some gardening chores. I’ll try and sort it out before the end of this year.

  2. I encountered difficulties with the HCC website re this invited subject but for what it’s worth the long grass verge on the north west side of Attwood Lane at the junction with Churchway is usually unkempt and apparently ignored by the property owner probably a case of out of sight out of mind.
    it is particularly scruffy now. It is blighted areas like this that let us all down and encourage standards to fall.


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