Minutes for November & December

The minutes of our November and December meetings are now available online Please click the links below

Minutes November 10th 2014

Extraordinary Meeting December 11th 2014


Health and Well-being

Hereforchange4lifedshire Council with Change4Life are calling on families across Herefordshire to sign up for ‘Sugar Swaps’ to help families cut down on their sugar intake.

Most processed foods have large amounts of sugar – used as a preservative for long shelve life. Change4Life is helping families cut back on sugar with a FREE Sugar Swaps pack, including a Sugar Swaps guide, money-off vouchers and more!

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Low-energy street lighting rolls out across Herefordshire

In our house we recently changed the most used lights with LED bulbs – a bit more expensive to buy but you get a brighter light for around 85% less electricity used. (we got ours off Amazon).
Now Hereford council has seen the light and is saving our hard earned council tax by installing LED street lighting.
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Business grants and funding

There are a number of schemes to provide financial support and professional advice to new and existing businesses.
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 Herefordshire and Worcestershire Composting


Garden Organic FAQs

All you need to know about composting and most gardening matters from. *Click Here*


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