Minutes February 9th 2015 Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

Minutes February 9th 2015 Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

Councillors are summoned to a meeting on February 9th 2015  at 7pm in HOLMER Parish Centre


In attendance: Mark Millmore (MMIL) Chair, Marc Mohan, Dawn Arbuthnott (DA)

Present: Ward Councillor Sally Roberston (arrived late)

1. APOLOGIES for ABSENCE: John Phipps Donna Taylor

2. Co-Option of Neil Jenkins and Alan Peel: Proposed by MMIL and seconded by MMo AP to hand over paperwork to RG

3. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations MMo declared a pecinniary interest re item 5 A49

4. Request for dispensation: N/A

5. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 12th January2015: Accepted as a true and accurate account of the meeting.

6. Public participation (10 mins)

Richard Nash asking question re A49 ‘Is anyone going to the 3 min meeting?’ MMIL will be attending and will be reading a prepared statement. MMo asks why contents of prepared statement not discussed during parish council meetings. And suggests that in future PC should sanction such statement when councillors attending meetings on behalf of the PC.

RN asked that secure fencing of the site be included to prevent people and animals entering his fields. Wants PC to make certain chain fencing is put in place, as per verbal undertaking from Crest for fencing. Asks that it is put in writing. Concerned that house nearest his property, if sold, that fencing could be changed, possibly causing damage re- light.

Also mentioned email he sent to MMIL regarding smell of sewage from Coldwells House. Fear of smell during warmer months. Other neighbours ready to speak about it too. MMo request that RH please write to planning officer re update of planning application.

7. Finance

• Clerks salary as agreed by the Parish Council
• Holmer Parish centre room hire £64.00
• SLCC membership renewal £101.00
• R Mills Lengthsman £365.40
• Cheques signed by MMIL & MMo

8. Planning

• P150112 New Grove Roman Rd Variation of condition 2 of planning permission
Org Objected that it overlooked neighbour. No objection from neighbours on website. MMo proposed no objection from PC MMIL seconded carried by all present.

• P150025 Elm House Coldwells Rd,Holmer ,Hereford.Proposed extension.
No objection on website. MMo proposed no objection MMIL seconded carried by all present.

• P143563 Land at the Cottage,Orchard close ,Holmer ,Hereford. Proposed erection of one dwelling.
Number of objections on website. MMIL talked about the memo from K Gibbons re objection in regard to size of driveway. Also discussed letter from Andersons who object to size of driveway, state of road etc. Also environmental health object re possible contamination of land. Also hand written letter re flood water. NJ talks about concerns of neighbour that the original property is going to be updated and 2 properties will be in place. MM wants verification re planning application stating 2 houses whereas plans are for one property only. NJ discussed privacy issue. MMIL proposes object on grounds of access, ambiguity in planning application as per the report, a report needs to be done regarding the possibility of contaminated land. We ask that a report is made before planning is agreed. Also loss of amenity space, Danger of flooding. Boundary issue, realignment of sewage pipe, Seconded by AP carried by all present.

• P143744 Greenway Roman Rd Hereford. Proposed extension for new living room, dining, kitchen, bedrooms with en-suite and swimming pool area.
No objections from neighbours on line
Propose no obj MM and seconded MMIL carried by all present.
(Sally Robinson arrived at this point)

• P141870 Land east of A49.
MMo left the room at this point. SR mentioned that RG was going to register to speak and JP will draft response. SR spoke to conservation officer who have objected, Welsh Water have put a holding objection, and SR sending link re officers report. Also an objection due to sewage. PC still object to application and is now going into committee.
MM returns to the room.

9. Planning update

No development MMIL suggests we leave for a future date. Stick on agenda for next meeting to talk about in more detail

10. Footpath officer update

GP not here. SR been asked by ramblers assoc. about the footpath at Crest and is looking to see why and when it can re-open. MMo still thinks that it won’t be open for a while as building still being carried on in that area. NJ talks about outpipe being discharged and black rubbish bags on Munstone crossroads up to Roman road. MMo suggest we talk to the lengthsman to see about clearing. SR thinks council did work further up the road, request that council clear this area too, SR will report Phil Pickinton. SR met Steve Churchill before he left and potholes in Attwood land/Church way done today.

11. Police report: no comments

12. Church way and Attwood Lane 106 Monies

SR met Geoff Hughes and Kevin Bishop and found that 1.5m was available, and asked how much had been received and how much had been spent. Asked about Jan 2013 public meeting re rat run, which Amey were working on it , Balfour Beatty didn’t agree with Ameys plans and started again. Geoff Hughes getting service order going 106 monies officer Yvonne Coleman is on maternity leave and GH now appointed someone to get on with it and Holmer will get priority and will liaise with SR. SR will send over to GH lists of what had been agreed, a draft scheme will be shown to members of the public for their agreement. Timescale service order has to be put in and SR will ask at meeting. SR requested 7-9 suggestions for solutions for rat run, one way, left turn, sleeping policemen, table etc. Safety issue. Money Can’t be used on resurfacing.

MMo talking about work at both ends of Attwood lane and Church way Stressing safety and consultation with residents, and that what we do doesn’t have a knock on effect with surrounding roads. SR has requested 20mph Coldwells, Attwood and Church way, but would have to be self enforcing. MM talks about the 30/60 along Coldwells road. SR talks about government regulations regarding number of entrances onto roads. SR needs to keep on the button. NJ asks about end of Attwood lane to Roman road, what Balfour Beatty will do. Talks about the narrowing of road at this junction. SR sewage pipe leaking at Furlongs. MMo states that footpath on north side will be resurfaced.

13. Burial Ground update. Nothing to report DA

14. Advertising on the website

MMIL says Site costs £150pa and following concern from DA about quality of people advertising, has found out re professionals certification. Will do more research. Not profitmaking. Advertiser must live within or close to the parish to service the parish. Ensure correct certification, charge split between advertisers to cover the £150pa . Advertiser has to advertise for a year. MMIL proposes to get advertisers personally and will inform them of cost after a couple of months. Will bring adverts to meeting and PC will vote on it. No more than 15 advertisers. Not allowed to give excess to charity. SR says we can give to charity within our community. MMIL says we can’t make any profit and give it to charity.

15. Dog Fouling

MMIL found grit bin full of black bags of dog foul. MMIL suggests a working group of people who walk around parish and get an idea of where the bad areas are. PC has to pay to remove waste from poo bins.
SR can get some fliers, and MMIL going to put on website and get people to report areas.

16. Bus Stop at the furlongs

Has been requested previously. Add to next agenda.

17. Munstone Rd Speed limit.

SR will put a request in. MMo says we should ask for it. MMIL will put on website and carry out a survey and ask people to contact SR. with evidence MMo suggest 30mph limit

18. Report by Ward Councillor Sally Robertson

Core strategy hearing starts tomorrow and SR will go to most of it PC down to attend on some days . RN down from when he was chair. At Belmont and on for 3 days for the next 3 weeks. SR going to represent Holmer and Burghill and Lyde

19. Community led plan

SR wants meeting asap at JP house, fear of monies being withdrawn. Waiting for JP but within the next week or so. Just for the steering group.
Coldwells nursing home pollution officer rang SR and worried about sewage and will meet with SR to discuss. SR wants to call it into committee. Due to being a health and environmental issue. SR will email RN for update. MMo says there is an environmental certificate on line.

20. Clerks update and correspondence

21. Items for next agenda – Dog fouling, Planning, Burial ground, Community Led plan, Advertising, Bus stop, Munstone speed limit

22. Date of next meeting 9th March