Minutes August 14th 2014

Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

Councillors are summoned to a meeting on August 14th 2014 at 7pm in HOLMER PARISH CENTRE

In Attendance: Richard Nash (RN), Julie Debbage (JD), Marc Mohan (MMO), Mark Millmore (MMIL), Dawn Arbuthnott (DA)

Present: Ward Councillor sally Robertson (SR), Rebecca Gill (RG) (clerk), Guy Wakefield (GW) and Bloor representatives Chris Shaw(CS) Planning Manager, Mike Edwards (ME) from Phil Jones associates and one member of the public.

      1.  APOLOGIES for ABSENCE: John Phipps (JP)
      2. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations N/A
      3. Request for dispensation N/A
      4. Bloor representatives to speak to Parish Council regarding proposed development. GW advised that the consultation was well attended and the main issue raised were highways issues, especially The Roman Rd and Starting Gate roundabout. Bloor was commended by the general public on the fact that they did not go all the way to the 500 units that were available on the site. Bloor took an option on this site a few years ago and started pre app discussions with Herefordshire Council (HC) about 1yr ago.  A link Rd going through the site should relieve the traffic on Roman Rd and traffic onto the Starting Gate roundabout, a weight limit will be put in place for the relief Rd going through the site.
        Q: SR how will that be policed? A: ME the design of the road should help that. The relief Rd will be 6.5m wide in total so as to put off large vehicles and large volumes of traffic from using it, but also allowing cars to use it and relieve the roman road. The starting gate roundabout was a large factor for the development that is why the through Rd was decided upon as it was seen as being a way to relieve the Roman Rd. The A49 exit and roman Rd exit will have traffic lights and that will also help regulate use of the relief road. The hope is that the traffic lights will slow down the traffic on the A49. After monitoring the Roman Rd they did feel that there is a longer than average wait at peak times to pull out onto the Roman Rd from junctions or driveways. They would like to move the 30mile per hour speed limit back up the hill on the Roman rd and also put traffic slowing measures i.e welcome to Holmer signs so as to help slow people down. The main objective is to break up the traffic flow to allow people to exit there drives or junctions and slow the speeds. A 350 space park and ride scheme will also comprise the development, Bloor have been asked by HC to reduce the spaces for park and ride to 100-150 spaces instead of 350 but Bloor are happy to leave the space for the 350. Traffic improvement works will take place for footpaths, pavements and cycle paths, they would also propose advanced cycle facilities and crossing at the race course and upgrade the footpath to Highmore St. Two balancing ponds will be required on the site. The badger set was also taken into account.
        SR footpath at the Cresent has an antisocial behaviour problem: ME they would not be encouraging the use of the footpath. They are looking at a scheme that will make the Roman Rd appear narrower which will hopefully encourage cyclists. They feel the race course route is the most attractive for cyclists.
        On the A49 they are proposing a crossing by church way junction. The 13 house development on the junction of church way has made a small contribution to a potential crossing. Bloor has asked the section 106 officer how much money would be needed from Bloor for a crossing. HC seem happy about a crossing and this will be pushed by Bloor.
        Q: MMIL have any studies been done to into what is needed to facilitate 1000 plus extra residents. A:  The study is not complete.  But they are aware that they will need to make a contribution to education.
        The care home will be a two storey building and for use for over fifties. They are aware that it will be a big building but feel it is set back enough that it will not overlook other properties. The question was asked: How was it decided where the care home would be? Bloor felt that it has the least visual impact in that position and also is better for emergency services for access. Nothing is fixed and it could be moved as the reserved matters. A play area is included in the development mainly a natural play area but also some equipment. It was indicated that allotments might not be required but they feel that HC should do the required study and talk to the Allotments Association. RN we have an aging population and some recreational space should be provided for them i.e a bowling green. The management of open space was an issue that came up in Bloor’s discussions with HC, the HC are happy for Bloor to make a contribution to allow the HC to manage the space but Bloor are unsure as to whether they will do this or pay a management company.
        SR suggested maybe a charity run by the PC to run the recreational area. Residents on the Cresent are concerned about the balancing pond as the road did flood last year. GW the development should help control the discharge of water.
        How long should the development application take: submission will be 2-3 weeks then 3 months on average for determination? The development will take roughly 8-9 yrs to complete.
      5. Public participation (10 mins ) Member of the public asked what the capacity of the care home would be? A: Bloor 60 units, also what will be the parking facilities for the care home?
        As yet Bloor had no answer to that question. Member of the public feels the care home should be moved to the west of the site as the care home will get no direct sunlight. Member of the public also feels the relief Rd will be used as rat run: ME Bloor are looking at design features to stop it being used as rat run, but is also aware it is a delicate balance between making the relief Rd attractive to being used to relieve the A49 or Roman Rd and stopping it being used as rat run.
        Will there be any convenience store? A: NO.
      6. Parish council Bloor Action summary: N/A
      7. Finance
        Cheque for SLCC £250 (clerks CILCA training)Signed
      8. Items for next agenda
        • Pricing for burial ground
        • Discuss planning requirements for PC
        • Write letter to Andrew and The Rosie for their help with the Community led plan.
        •  Recruitment of help for the neighbourhood plan or PC
        • Advertising on the website.
        •  Cheque for £100 for CLP winner and children’s winner£20
      9. Date for next meeting 8th September
      10. Meeting closed 8.30pm