Minutes 13th July 2020

Online meeting of Holmer and Shelwick Parish Council at 7:00PM on Monday 13th July 2020 via ‘Zoom’


Present: Marc Mohan (Chairman), David Cooper, Neil Flanagan
In attendance: David Hunter-Miller (Clerk), Duncan Smart (Footpaths Officer), Mark Millmore (Ward Councillor), member of the public

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Gitta Ferguson, Neil Duggan, John Phipps and Andy Coultas.

It was resolved to write to all members to remind them of the need to attend meetings or to submit appropriate apologies to the Clerk with as much notice as possible.

2. Declarations of Interest
Nil declared.

3. Dispensations
Nil received.

4. Open Session
The meeting was adjourned for the open session.

4.1. Ward Councillor
Mark Millmore provided a report as follows:

The Bloor Development
I met with Bloors together with Herefordshire Council’s Development Manager on 23rd June 2020. The immediate concern was the overlooking from users of the open space /cycleway and the possible overbearing impact of the dwellings as the land rises from the brook towards the dwellings.

Whilst this has been graded, the residents believe that the levels have been raised significantly with the soil from the bunds being spread around this area. Herefordshire Council’s Development Manager visited the affected properties and confirmed that the actual distances from their boundaries are 18m to the cycle path and 49m to the road (see below).

We informed Bloors of the situation (as requested by the complainants) and were informed that the bunds have been removed and the soil spread on the immediate area, raising levels artificially above those that were existing – it does appear that way from photos that have been submitted. The bunds have been spread over a wide area and although when viewed from adjoining properties there is some alteration, however, this is not a significant change.

Other Matters
If levels have been altered in the open space area there are some potential implications:
• This is in the flood zone and raising levels on to the north of the brook may impact on flood storage capacity.
• The proposed cycle way may be ‘higher’ than intended. Herefordshire Council’s Development Manager has reviewed the plans and, based on the existing topographical and survey, did not identify any rising of ground levels within the area of open space.
• The raising of the land / cycleway leads to concern about further loss of privacy and amenity as the gardens of the properties slope away from the dwellings (Dale Drive) and any users of the open space / cycleway would be looking down into these gardens.

In our meeting, the representatives from Bloors were informally agreeable to undertaking a further topographical survey to ensure that we could be certain of the position. Herefordshire Council’s Development Manager has formally written to them to ask them to do this.

The houses are built at the correct level:
It was explained to the concerned residents that there will always be some change because of need to have a level surface and will need to engineer for roads / drains etc. In normal circumstances it is widely accepted that a back to back distance of 24m between houses is acceptable. However, here there is in excess of 70m. Even with the level change, this is noteworthy and the impacts are acceptable from an amenity perspective. Herefordshire Council’s Development Manager also raised the request to whether Bloor might consider the inclusion of additional tree planting in the area in front of 4 Dale Drive (between the brook and the footway) when they undertake the planting in the planting season (October – March).

Bloor has said they would be happy to show the Parish Council around.

4.2. Footpath Officer
Duncan Smart provided a report; a number of loose stiles had been repaired across the rights of way network. A full report is available on the Parish Council’s website.

4.3. Public participation
A member of the public provided a further update on the bund (item 6.3).

The meeting resumed following the open session.

5. To consider and adopt the minutes from the Parish Council meeting on Monday 8th June 2020
It was resolved to adopt the minutes as a true record and these were duly signed by the Chair.

6. Progress reports

6.1. Councillor vacancies
It was noted that there were two vacancies on the Parish Council and applications from parishioners were welcomed. It was resolved to post an advert in the Parish Council’s noticeboards.

6.2. S106 traffic calming scheme
It was noted that Herefordshire Council had suspended all such schemes and no start date was now available.

6.3. Bund / floor levels, Holmer West
An update had been received by the Ward Councillor (item 4.1).

6.4. Flooding issues, Shelwick
Several drainage issues had been logged with Balfour Beatty Living Places including a number of blocked gullies; some have been cleansed, others have been marked ready to be done. They have also cut new verge grips to allow surface water to run into the ditch and culvert. They are still to address the potential drainage pipe collapse.

It was noted that Balfour Beatty Living Places undertake very little preventative maintenance and so parishioners are encouraged to report any issues that they see via their app, online or by telephone.

6.5. Surfacing/access improvements, Footpath HO8
The landowner had responded to the Clerk and had undertaken some work to restore the surface of this footway and to increase disabled access (by removing a kissing gate). Thanks were extended to the landowner for this work and it was resolved to review the matter on site, for further discussion at the next meeting.

6.6. Pedestrian barrier, Footpath HO6
Herefordshire Council had contacted Crest Nicholson to ask that the gap between the pedestrian barrier and existing hedging be closed up; it was noted that this would be added to the road adoption snagging list.

A further nearby gap in the hedging was reported and would be reviewed by the Footpaths Officer.

6.7. Complaint regarding delegated decision approval for P193296/RM
A disappointing response had been received from Herefordshire Council that had failed to satisfactorily address the concerns raised. It was resolved to draft a reply.

Kirkwells Planning consultants would be contacted to see if the NDP policy wording could be tightened up in respect of parking standards.

7. Correspondence

7.1. London Hearts Charity: To note the availability of £200.00 grant funding for defibrillators.
It was resolved to undertake further research for discussion at a future meeting.

7.2. Herefordshire Council: Invite to online Parish Council Summit 7:00PM Thursday 23rd July 2020.
The above invite was noted.

7.3. Herefordshire Council: Survey on affordable housing in Herefordshire.
The above survey was noted.

7.4. Herefordshire Council: Consultation on proposed ‘Beryl’ bike share bay on Roman Road.
It was resolved that the Parish Council had no objections or concerns.

7.5. Herefordshire Council: Consultation on proposed Traffic Regulation Order (No Waiting at Any Time Restrictions) at Green Wilding Road.
It was resolved that the Parish Council were in support of the proposals.

7.6. Herefordshire Association of Local Councils: Invite to online workshop ‘Opportunities as we move toward Zero Carbon Herefordshire’ 5:30PM Thursday 16th July 2020.
The above invite was noted.

7.7. Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service: Consultation on Community Risk Management Plan 2021-25.
The above consultation was noted.

8. Planning

8.1. P201682/RM: Holmer House Farm, Holmer, Hereford. Application for approval of Reserved Matters following hybrid approval (P184662/O) for the erection of 83 dwellings including open space, access, drainage and other associated works.
It was resolved that the Parish Council object to the application.

The proposals fail to meet the parking criteria as specified by the Holmer & Shelwick Neighbourhood Development Plan (policy HS4b); falling 89 car parking spaces short of the 245 spaces required by this policy. Additionally it is felt that some of the proposed driveway visibility splays are inadequate, to the detriment of highway safety. The tandem parking arrangements proposed are not considered satisfactory as this inevitably leads to an underutilisation of off-street parking and an attendant increase in obstructive street parking.

It is felt that the plans and supporting documents submitted for this application are inadequate and fail to provide sufficient detail to determine the application.

8.2. P201209/FH (3 Avocet Road, Holmer): To note that this application will be considered at Herefordshire Council’s Planning and Regulatory Committee at 10:30AM on 15th July 2020.
The above was noted.

9. Parish matters for discussion/decision

9.1. S106: To review available S106 funding.
No update was available.

9.2. Training: To note the latest HALC training schedule.
The above training schedule was noted.

9.3. Parking: To consider concerns regarding obstructive parking on Meadow Park.
It was resolved to contact the Police to report this issue and request enforcement attention.

9.4. Littering: To consider littering issues across the parish.
It was resolved to look into the costs of providing permanent no littering signs and to discuss this further at a future meeting.

10. Burial Ground
There were no matters to report.

11. Finance

11.1. Budget expenditure
It was resolved to approve the budget expenditure.

11.2. Bank reconciliation
It was resolved to approve the bank reconciliation.

11.3. Schedule of payments
It was resolved to approve the schedule of payments and cheques were duly signed.

11.4. Bank mandate
No update was available.

12. Councillors’ reports and items for the next agenda
It was resolved to add the following items to the next agenda:
• Bund / floor levels, Holmer West
• Surfacing/access improvements, Footpath HO8
• Smart Water kits
• Defibrillators
• Parking issues, Meadow Park
• Littering (signing / notices)
• Review of meeting schedule

13. Date of the next meeting
It was resolved to hold an extraordinary meeting at 7:00PM on Monday 10th August 2020.

The meeting closed at 8:45PM.

Payments for authorisation
Payee Details Net VAT Total
David Hunter-Miller Salary and expenses 731.64 0.00 731.64
HM Revenue & Customs PAYE 6.64 0.00 6.64
Worcestershire County Council Pension Fund Local Government Pension Scheme 228.23 0.00 228.23
Total 966.51 0.00 966.51

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