Minutes 12th January 2022

Meeting of Holmer and Shelwick Parish Council at 7:00PM on Wednesday 12th January 2022 at Holmer Parish Centre, HR4 9RG


Present: Marc Mohan (Chair), Paul Stevens, Neil Flanagan
In attendance: David Hunter-Miller (Clerk), Mark Millmore (Ward Councillor), members of the public

1. Apologies for absence
It was noted that Tanya Walshe had resigned from the Parish Council and the vacancy notices had been posted accordingly.

Apologies were noted from Andy Coultas and David Cooper.

2. Declarations of Interest
Marc Mohan and Neil Flanagan declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 10.6 (P214011/F).

3. Dispensations
Nil received.

4. Open Session
The meeting was adjourned for the open session.

4.1. Ward Councillor
Mark Millmore provided a report as follows:
• Herefordshire Councillor Pauline Crockett had asked for the aerodrome application (P214046/F) to be referred to planning committee.
• A potential 2% council tax rise for Herefordshire Council was being considered.
• Following the abandonment of the southern link road project approximately £2 million would have to be returned to the Marches LEP.
• There had been no planning committee meetings at Herefordshire Council during December or January due to Covid precautions.

4.2. Footpath Officer
Duncan Smart (Footpaths Officer) was unable to attend but a full report is available on the Parish Council’s website.

4.3. Public participation
A member of the public queried the maximum council tax rise that Herefordshire Council could levy, it was clarified that this was 5%.

Members of the public raised the following concerns regarding item 10.6 (P214011/F):
• It was suggested that many years ago it was conditioned that this area should not be used by patrons of the spa as an outdoor area.
• The facilities could overlook adjacent properties and gardens.
• Additional outside noise might be generated.
• The facilities might lead to an increase in vehicle movements along Cleeve Orchard.
• Disappointment was expressed that it was a retrospective planning application.
• It was thought that the relevant planning notices had not been correctly posted by Herefordshire Council.

The applicant for item 10.6 (P214011/F) was also in attendance to provide additional detail and allay concerns over the application. It was stated that the application had been made in response to government guidance for hospitality venues to utilise outdoor spaces. An update was also provided regarding measures taken by Holmer Park Spa to reduce anti-social driving along Cleeve Orchard (item 6.8).

The meeting resumed following the open session.

5. To consider and adopt the minutes from the Parish Council meeting on the 9th December 2021
It was resolved to adopt the minutes as a true record and they were duly signed by the Chair.

6. Progress reports

6.1. Councillor vacancies
It was noted that there were two vacancies on the Parish Council and enquiries from parishioners were welcomed.

6.2. S106 schemes
It was resolved to arrange a further meeting with Herefordshire Council’s Interim Service Director for Highways, Environment and Waste, to review the various S106 projects for the parish.

6.3. Allotments, Holmer West
Bloor Homes had confirmed that the size and quantity of the allotment plots was still under review.

6.4. Pond, Coldwells Road
It was resolved to approve a quote of £600.00 from RJ Thomas for further maintenance work at the pond. An additional quote of £200.00 per vehicle load was approved from TW Jones to remove the vegetation and spoil generated.

6.5. Holmer Park Aviary/Summer House
Officers from Herefordshire Council had visited the aviary to assess its condition and considered that it was not under immediate threat. Discussions with the owner had indicated that repairs would be carried out, but it was understood that this had not yet been started. Herefordshire Council had also suggested that the structure might be relocated to a different site so that it could be better appreciated by the public.

6.6. Notice board repair, Shelwick
No update was available.

6.7. Ditch repair, Munstone crossroads
Balfour Beatty Living Places had confirmed that this was being reviewed by the Streetworks Team.

6.8. Traffic concerns, Cleeve Orchard
Holmer Park Spa had responded to concerns raised with the Parish Council regarding anti-social driving along Cleeve Orchard. It was felt that emails from Holmer Park Spa to members and delivery firms had been successful and no further measures, such as white lines or signs on the car park, were proposed at this time. Similarly there were no current plans to alter the access to the spa; it was thought that this would be problematic due to the protected tree line along the boundary.

The matter would be reviewed by members of the Parish Council on site before the next meeting.

6.9. Traffic concerns, Roman Road
Further concerns had been received regarding traffic on the Roman Road. A response had been requested from Councillor John Harrington (Herefordshire Council Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Transport).

6.10. HO3 footpath closure
It was noted that footpath HO3 was now open and that HO1 should be at least partially re-opened in February when the current closure notice expires.

7. Correspondence

7.1. Herefordshire Council: To note invite to the Parish Council Summit on Monday 17th January 2022 via Zoom.
The above invite was noted.

7.2. Balfour Beatty Living Places: To note invite to the BBLP Draft Annual Plan Briefing on Wednesday 19th January 2022.
The above invite was noted.

8. Parish matters for discussion/decision

8.1. Street Lighting: To consider the Parish Council’s streetlighting requirements for the Canon Pyon Road development (Taylor Wimpey).
It was resolved to support the use of street lighting for this new development, but it should be designed using appropriate luminosity and direction of light flow to achieve a low impact on the surrounding landscape and housing. No light should unnecessarily leak into the night sky.

8.2. Planning site visits: To consider and adopt a Protocol for Planning Site Visits.
It was resolved to adopt a new Protocol for Planning Site Visits.

8.3. Risk register: To consider and adopt an updated Risk Management Policy and Risk Register.
It was resolved to adopt an updated Risk Management Policy and Risk Register.

9. Burial Ground

9.1. To receive an update
There were no matters to report.

10. Planning

10.1. P214234/FH: Holmer Park Cottage, Attwood Lane, Holmer, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR1 1LJ. Proposed single storey house extension, garage and minor building alterations.
It was resolved that the Parish Council had no objections or concerns.

10.2. P202429/O (revised): Land to the north of the Roman Road and west of the A49, Holmer West, Hereford. Application for variation of conditions 5 and 12; and removal of condition 9 (re: highways improvement works) of planning permission 150478/O (Proposed erection of up to 460 dwellings including affordable housing, public open space, a Park & Ride facility, with associated landscaping access, drainage and other associated works). Variation is to increase number of occupied dwellings prior to opening of internal route connecting A49 and A4103 from 200 to 400 dwellings.
It was resolved that the Parish Council object to the proposals. The Parish Council fully endorse the comments of the Transportation Department and feel that the opening of the link road should not be delayed. The additional vehicle movements from a single access will create an unacceptable burden on the nearby junctions and road network, which is already over capacity and subject to high levels of congestion.

10.3. P214054/FH: Fowey, Munstone, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR1 3AD. Proposed alteration to west elevation to include two dormers, and to the cladding material to match neighbouring properties.
It was resolved that the Parish Council had no objections but would comment to emphasise the need to match the cladding material to the neighbouring properties.

10.4. P214271/FH: 3 Holmer Manor Close, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR4 9QZ. Proposed single storey extension and alterations.
It was resolved that the Parish Council had no objections or concerns.

10.5. P214344/FH: Palmers Court East, Attwood Lane, Holmer, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR1 1LJ. Proposed demolition of bay windows and single storey flat roofed orangery.
It was resolved that the Parish Council had no objections or concerns.

10.6. P214011/F: Holmer Park Spa and Health Club, Holmer Park, Holmer, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR1 1LL. Retrospective application for creation of a patio area/ outdoor dining area over an existing flat roof.
Marc Mohan and Neil Flanagan had declared a non-pecuniary interest in this item; accordingly the council was inquorate and no resolution could be made.

Herefordshire Council would be approached regarding an extension to the consultation deadline to allow the application to be considered at the February Parish Council meeting. It was understood that the applicant was supportive of this.

10.7. P214517/FH: Little Haven, Munstone, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR1 3AD. Proposed side extension.
It was resolved that the Parish Council had no objections or concerns.

11. Finance

11.1. Internal Auditor: To consider the appointment of an Internal Auditor to review the 2021/22 accounts.
It was resolved to appoint Iain Selkirk FCA to provide the internal audit of the Parish Council’s 2021/22 accounts.

11.2. Budget expenditure
It was resolved to approve the budget expenditure.

11.3. Bank reconciliation
It was resolved to approve the bank reconciliation.

11.4. Invoices

11.4.1. David Hunter-Miller (salary and expenses): £842.14
11.4.2. HMRC (PAYE): £262.53
11.4.3. Worcestershire County Council Pension Fund: £32.56
11.4.4. Ron Smith & Co Ltd (strimmer service): £119.85
11.4.5. Holmer P.C.C. (hall hire): £93.00
It was confirmed that the payments for HMRC (PAYE) and Worcestershire County Council Pension Fund had been erroneously transposed.

It was resolved to settle the above invoices with the following amendments:
HMRC (PAYE): £32.56
Worcestershire County Council Pension Fund: £262.53

11.5. Direct Debits

11.5.1. 04/01/22 Welsh Water (burial ground supply): £13.04
The above direct debit payment was noted.

12. Councillors’ reports and items for the next agenda
It was resolved to add the following items to the next agenda:
• Co-option
• Traffic concerns, Cleeve Orchard
• P214011/F (if extension to consultation deadline is granted)

13. Date of the next meeting
The next scheduled meeting is at 7:00PM on Wednesday 9th February 2022 at Holmer Parish Centre.

The meeting closed at 20:18 PM.

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