Land East of A49, Holmer – Grid Ref: 50893 42531

Deserted Medieval Village

It has been brought to our attention that the below parcel of land may be considered for future development. A parishioner who lives adjacent to the land offered information that was researched at the Hereford Records Office. I have contacted the relevant department to discuss the findings and the following information will hopefully help should a potential development seek planning permission for housing.

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This is the information that I have been given:-
The area has been identified as a Deserted Medieval Village through aerial photos only. No excavation works have been carried out anywhere on this land.
Ridge & Furrow – this means land known as Agricultural Land
House Platform – possible foundations of buildings in terms of sections of remaining walls
Cemetery – This has been through verbal communication that there could be a burial ground.

The Historic Environment Records is a Database of Archaeology. With the land identified as a DMV should any planning application be submitted for proposed development, the County Archaeological Officer Julian Cotton would receive the application for his consultation.

Given the historical interest of the site, It is likely that an investigation or watching brief would be imposed as part of the conditions should planning permission be approved. If any archaeological remains are found this may have a bearing upon the development.

At this present time no further action is required by virtue that no planning application has been submitted to the Herefordshire Council Planning Services department.

Hope this is of aassistance
Angela Tyler

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  1. Dear Angela
    This is just a suggestion to help you to ‘see’ what is lying beneath the surface of the land. If you contact: David Lovelace, he may already have or might be able to provide some LIDAR images of the land in question. You might have to pay a little for them but they could shed light on what is hidden. If you send me your email address I will send you an example of a LIDAR image of a scheduled ancient monument in Lugwardine and David’s contact details.
    Wendy Soilleux


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