Notes from the NDP meeting on 18/10/2017

The evening started off with a conversation about what information had been found out about the meeting that was attended in the afternoon with Sam Banks and Kevin Singleton, it was clear that those who attended the meeting thought that HAP and NDP should work together and share information.

They were also informed HAP have regular meetings to discuss the plan and there is no representation from Holmer and Shelwick, David Cooper, John Phipps and Steven Sprackling are willing to take this opportunity and attend the meetings on behalf of Holmer and Shelwick, please could we be informed if this is acceptable or not, there were no Parish Councillors at the meeting last night so this couldn’t be cleared then.

The next meeting for the HAP is 1/11/17 so we need to know ASAP if this is acceptable please.

We then looked at the draught plan Michael Wellock had put together and he has given advice on what we need to do next, this includes

Defining the settlement boundaries of Holmer and Shelwick

Locating any Heritage sites. (John Phipps was happy to look into this)

Traffic and Transport issues, this is to include any junctions, speeding areas etc

Community facilities

We also looked at the green space areas that David Borthwick had done since the last meeting and agreed there were certain areas highlighted which needed protecting.

The group decided to get the NDP well on route that we need to meet weekly for the next 6 weeks, it was agreed on a Wednesday night at 7pm at Holmer Park, and please could this be put onto the Parish Council Website as well as the NDP website to keep people updated.

Michael Wellock asked us to forward information to him as and when we had it for him to add the draft plan and it was agreed we would meet again with Michael on 6/12/17 at Holmer Park, again at 7pm.