From the Neighbourhood Planning Team Herefordshire Council

Proportional growth figures have not been issued for Munstone and Shelwick to date. This is because proportional growth is determined on the number of houses within the parish at 2011.

Given that there are a number of dwellings within the parish on the edge of Hereford, this would have result in a larger than average proportional growth figure in comparison to the two names rural settlements.

If proportional growth had been calculated consistently with the rest of the county, the growth figure for Munstone and Shelwick would have been 99 dwellings.

Therefore a pragmatic approach has been adopted and figures have been worked out which only calculate the housing outside of the built form along the Roman Road. This has resulted in the following:

  • Proportional growth for the rural settlements within Policy RA2 (Munstone and Shelwick) – 17
  • Built between 2011- April 2017 -0
  • Commitments at April 2017 – 18
  • Residual – minimum proportional growth meet at this stage.

The main question for the neighbourhood planning group will be the approach for the settlements of Munstone and Shelwick. ie

  • Plan for additional growth over the minimum proportion – site allocations
  • Define a settlement boundary and criteria based policy for additional windfalls
  • Criteria based policy with no settlement boundary.

Given the level of development which has taken place within the parish, some consideration could be given to potential evidencing for limited growth within the RA2 settlements.

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