Holmer and Shelwick Traffic Calming Update

Holmer and Shelwick Traffic Calming UpdateThe  Holmer and Shelwick Informal Consultation document, regarding traffic calming, is now in the public domain.

The scheme proposes the implementation of traffic calming features within the Holmer and Shelwick parish, a reduction of the speed limit, gateway features at the entrances to the parish.

Please note: the proposal to make Attwood Lane a no through road is no longer in the plan.

The specific objectives of the scheme are:

  • To improve the safety for pedestrians using Attwood Lane
  • To improve the safety of cyclists using the roads within the parish
  • To improve the safety for motorist using the roads within the parish


5 thoughts on “Holmer and Shelwick Traffic Calming Update”

  1. Dear Mr. Hunter Miller

    Thank you for at least t asking the time to reply, even though your commentary doesn’t address the issue.
    Residents of where exactly?
    Attwood Lane? I hardly think so.

  2. all of this a complete waist of money they should spend the money on improving the road surface and drop the speed limit down to 30mph

  3. A shame the very sensible proposal to close Attwood Lane has been removed from the plan.
    I wonder how many of the Councillors and residents forming the “strong consensus” against this option actually live on Attwood Lane?
    The objectors have put their case as motorists, not residents and the idea of being delayed at the Roman Road junction for a minute or two is more important than the quality of life of the people who will be affected by their victory.
    It’s dispiriting to know they are prepared for their fellow parishioners to suffer their driveways to be used as convenient passing places and gardens as litter bins so that they can add their very local contribution to the rat running problem that blights the lives of residents of this Lane.
    A triumph for democracy or an exercise in selfishness?

    • Thank you for your comments. An exhibition for the proposed traffic calming was held September 2018 and there was overwhelming feedback from residents that the road should be kept open to traffic, this has been echoed at a number of Parish Council meetings and also in Herefordshire Council’s consultation exercise. Unfortunately it is sometimes difficult to balance the concerns and needs of the parish, but it is hoped that the package of measures proposed by Herefordshire Council will provide some relief to the various traffic issues experienced by all residents.


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