Minutes September 9th 2013

Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

Monday 9th September 2013 7pm Holmer Church Vestry Room


Present: John Phipps, Julie Debbage, Richard Nash, Ronnette Thomas, Dawn Arbuthnott
In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson, parish clerk Hazel Philpotts, Graham Preece Footpaths Officer, 1 member of the public

  1. Apologies for absence – none
  2. Declarations of interest – none
  3. Election of Chairman – resolved unanimously to appoint Richard Nash as chairman (proposed by JP seconded by RT).
  4. Minutes of last meeting (8th July 2013) accepted as an accurate record of the meeting and signed by the chair.
  5. Public participation – none.
  6.  Update by Footpaths Officer – one complaint regarding footpath from Munstone to Lyde Road along Ivydene regarding a hedge, Footpaths Officer has spoken to both parties; issue will be resolved very soon. Temporary closure on path at Crest still in place.
  7. Police report circulated and noted
  8. Report from Ward Councillor Robertson (SR)
    8.1. Meeting with other councils to challenge HC’s core strategy: SR attended with JD and Nigel O’Neil of HADRA – SR has set up a meeting on Tuesday 17th September 7pm at Burghill Golf Club to update on the challenge, which is mainly on the consultation process and lack of engagement with parish councils. Breinton PC is intending to make its own challenge. Proposing to set up a single group to make a co-ordinated challenge. Funding is being raised to support legal fees etc proposing to engage a QC. HADRA is making a financial contribution and committed to fundraise.
    8.2. Petition being circulated to government for a fairer share of funding from Westminster for rural areas such as Herefordshire.
    8.3. Planning department – SR concerned regarding efficiency due to staff cuts and is calling for another review to assess problems and reasons for problems.
    8.4. SR has asked why Munstone Road was resurfaced but not Atwood lane, response received was that it was due to an accident and that road is considered an alternative to the A49. Councillors have a briefing in October to raise issues where SR will bring it up.
  9. Planning
    9.1. Applications update – circulated and noted.
    9.2. Coldwells House Care Home application withdrawn other concerns remain such as surface water and wall leaning into the road. Chair to draft a letter for clerk to send to care home owner to outline concerns.
  10. Burial Ground
    10.1. Maintenance update including timetable for new maintenance contract. Someone sleeping in the shelter clerk to report to Police. Agenda item for January meeting to discuss contract or continue on adhoc basis for next financial year. RT agreed to draw up a schedule of works for hedge cutting, bramble removal, seeded tree removal etc for quotes to be obtained.
    10.2. Use of congregating area for burial and possible extension of burial ground – clerk to make appointment for JP, RT and JD to meet with Herefordshire’s Cemetery Superintendent Julie Ronnie John.
    10.3. Review of charges – Carry over to next meeting.
  11. Notice boards –Clerk to ask HC’s Andy Bing or Fran White if there is an area that HC owns that is suitable for noticeboards at Wentworth Park and Crest. Update at next meeting.
  12. Lengthsman scheme – update on work carried out and required: agreed to open up culvert opposite pond on Coldwells Lane, clerk to ask lengthsman to liaise with RN. Drain at bottom of hill at Roman Road needs clearing full of silt and polystyrene beads.
  13. Commons update – clerk to see what paperwork she has and report to next meeting.
  14.  Highways – proposal to request parking restrictions in Church Way: issue with traffic stacking up blocking road in church Way at peak times when cars are parked outside houses in Church Way. Resolved to ask SR to request of HC parking restriction from A49 to first of Church Cottages. SR will arrange a meeting with Andrew Lee-Jones of Balfour Beatty to discuss. Request has to go through SR who will consult then present to HC, SR will put an article in the newsletter, RN requested the reasons for the request be explained in the newsletter.
  15. Newsletter: printer now in place in Simpson Hall Burghill. SR will begin putting newsletter in booklet form together with articles mentioned.
  16. Finance
    16.1. invoices/payments to be approved:
    clerks salary and expenses £632.61
    Richard Mills (lengthsman work £262.50, burial ground mowing £198.25, anthills £153.50 and pond mowing £14.50)
    Richard Mills ratification of payment made £316.60
    16.2. External audit report – noted
    16.3. Bank signatories – clerk to remove N Duggan add Dawn Arbuthnott.
  17. Clerk’s update and correspondence: noted.
  18. Community Led Plan: European funding for support is ending and HC proposing to reduce the support provided. Support may be available through voluntary organisations and HALC. No response received as yet to SR’s request for an update on the plan for Holmer and Shelwick. Neil Duggan will continue as a chair of the Community Led Plan committee. Steering group meeting proposed for after the draft plan is returned by HC.
  19. Date of next meeting: Monday 11th November 2013