Minutes September 8th 2014

Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

Councillors are summoned to a meeting on September 8th 2014 at 7pm in HOLMER Parish Centre.


In attendance: Richard Nash (RN), Julie Debbage (JD) ,Marc Mohan (MMO), Mark Millmore (MMIL), Dawn Arbuthnott (DA)

Present: Rebecca Gill Clerk (RG) Graham Preece (GP)

  1. APOLOGIES for ABSENCE John Phipps, Ward Councillor Sally Robertson
  2. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations N/A
  3. Request for dispensation
  4. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 14th July 2014 and 14th August 2014 adopted as an accurate record of the meetings.
  5. Public participation (10 mins)N/A
  6. Finance
    • Clerks salary as agreed by the Parish Council
    • Viking £32.59
    • Richard Mills Burial ground £264.00
    • Wellington Community Association £18.00
    • Eyelid productions £30.00
    • Eyelid productions £30.00
    • New signatories Julie Debbage and Mark MiIlmore accepted as new signatory.
  7. Police report :Added to website
  8. Footpath officer report : Footpath HO3 brambles have been trimmed and rest of path is acceptable.FootpathH10 has been reinstated. JD asked if PC will join P3 Footpath scheme. GP advises against it as PC may get asked to do things which PC cannot afford .JD advises that they will still do the work it just gives PC more control and PC will get £50 per kilometre for lengthsman to maintain footpaths. P3 will provide new gates were needed. GP questioned if £50 is enough to maintain a kilometre of footpath. JD it will depend on how much the footpaths are walked as to how much maintenance they will need. Footpaths will be mentioned on the website and also marked out with pictures of the area. GP the main problem is lack of money. JD to look into P3 scheme in more detail.
  9. Clerks update and correspondence
  10. Written report by Councillor Sally Robertson : A Written report from Ward Councillor Sally Robertson was sent in and handed out to all Councillors to read.
  11. Lengthsman scheme: Clerk advised councillors to look for areas that need work as no monies have been spent on the lengthsman sheme this year to date. Clerk to check if footpaths can be maintained by lengthsman scheme.
  12. Planning update
    Discuss planning application 142161 Palmers Court East ,Attwood lane, Holmer, Hereford
    Proposed single storey dwelling within garden to palmers court east and decide on response. Councillors voted to make no objection to this application
    Planning application 142440 Greystones, Munstone, Hereford. Proposed change of use to curtilage and rear extension. Councillors voted for no objections to this application.
  13. Discuss planning requirements for Parish Council: At the planning training course held by HALC it became clear that many Parish Councils are doing this incorrectly including us. RN feels we need to know if it is a legal obligation or something that they wish us to do as best practise. Councillors agreed to set up a Planning working group .Mark Millmore and Marc Mohan agreed to be on the working and will check out all legal aspects and try and find a working process for the Parish Council to adopt for future planning applications.
    Clerk to email new grove neighbours and check planning officers comments.
  14. Working group on parish common land update: On-going process
  15. Pricing for Burial ground : Exclusive rights of Burial all councillors Agreed with second option of pricing for extra 50yrs. Edward Edwards no paper work for exclusive rights of burial but it is felt that exclusive rights of burial should be given retrospectively as the misunderstanding was ours. All councillors agree .DA to contact clerk.
  16. Community led plan update and letter to Andrew Stores and The Rosie: JD to draft letter to Andrew and The Rosie thanking them for their help with CLP.
  17. Recruitment for Neighbourhood plan and also for Parish councillors: RN announces his intention to retire so urges council to find a replacement JP wanted to nominate JD but she has declined for personal reasons. JD proposes MMIL as Chair and seconded by MMO. Advertise on the website for more parish councillors. Also use word of mouth to inform people in the parish that we need more councillors. Ask sally to advertise in the newsletter.Ask council for advise on possible candidates. PC need to get the results for the CLP before we start the neighbourhood plan .JD would like to observe a meeting at another PC that has already started the neighbourhood plan so we can see how much work is involved.
  18. Advertising on the website : Clerk to find out legal issues about advertising and if we can take money or if it has to be local business only or local parishioners.
  19. Cheque CLP winner move to November meeting.
  20. Items for next agenda: Clerks hours, CLP/Neighbourhod paln, Footpaths, planning process update. Section 106 monies for church way and Attwood lane. Lengthsman scheme clerk to find out if the lengthsman can be used for A roads and footpaths.
  21. Date of next meeting 10th November
  22. Meeting closed at 8.30pm