Minutes September 10th 2012

Minutes September 10th 2012 Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

meeting held on Monday 10th September 2012 at 7pm in Holmer Church vestry

Present: Neil Duggan (ND) chair, John Phipps (JP) vice-chair, Ronnette Thomas (RT), Hilary Alcock (HA), Neil Jenkins (NJ), Richard Nash (RN)
In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Roberts (SR), Hazel Philpotts (HP) parish clerk

  1.  Apologies for absence received from Dawn Arbuthnott and Graham Preece
  2.  Declarations of interest – ND declared a personal interest in burial ground.
  3.  Minutes of last meeting (16th July 2012) accepted as an accurate record of the meeting and signed by the chairman.
  4.  Public participation – no public presence
  5.  Report from Ward Councillor Robertson
    :5.1. Change to SID (speed indication device) hiring arrangements, responsibility for administration now passed over to Amey; PC’s can only to use twice a year for one month. Charges increasing from £100 to £150 per session. Setting up costs installation of socket and base etc increasing from £247.89 to £405.00.
    5.2. Cleeve Orchard 106 monies, SR working to keep the funding in the parish, SR has requested another speed survey, previously did not meet criteria for SID installation but SR has requested a reassessment of speed monitoring.
    5.3. JP suggested using 106 funding to purchase a SID and bases to improve road safety in the parish. SR agreed to submit request.
    5.4. OFWAT – awaiting decision on adoption of sewers on Wentworth Park; has gone to Crest and Welsh Water who have until 26th September to lodge an objection or demand a judicial review. Decision thought to go against Crest but to be formally confirmed.
    5.5. SR working on a newsletter.
    5.6. Amey have begun surgeries at which ward councillors will be able to raise issues and complaints, PC’s invited to raise issues for SR to bring up at next surgery on 19th September.
    5.7. Boundary commission review – draft will be issued for further consultation in November, when gathering local support may be required to try to prevent Holmer and Shelwick being subsumed into the city council.
    5.8. SR has been appointed to HC’s standards board committee.
    5.9. Rose Gardens: SR has spoken to the landlord who has confirmed that the brewery is proposing to sell the pub by auction. SR raised possibility of a community project to buy and run as a pub and community store and suggested talking to community volunteers at Dilwyn. However, general feeling within the PC is that the community is not sufficiently engaged to make such a project viable.
  6.  Local Development Framework – issues, including impact on river Wye area, remain to be resolved before plan can be submitted to Secretary of State. Further round of consultation expected.
  7.  Police report – not received.
  8. Planning – applications received:
    8.1. Cotswold BMW, Roman Road – clerk requested to submit a ‘no objection’ response.
    8.2. Update on planning meeting – 29 houses off Attwood Lane – SR represented the PC at the planning committee, unanimous decision to refuse the application. PC thanked SR for her work on the PC’s behalf.
    8.3. Salou – SR called into committee, but date not yet known.
    8.4. Duck rearing business ‘The Good Life’ on boundary of parish: retrospective planning application went to appeal, appellant won the case. Clerk to email Mark Tansley to request and update on the outstanding issues that still require planning consent.
    8.5. Holmer Court Residential Home – clerk requested to submit no objection to extension of planning permission as long as conditions are carried forward and adhered to.
  9.  Burial Ground – clerk to obtain from records addresses of plot owners, ND JP and RT to write a list of work required. Issues such as rose bushes and conifers planted and not maintained require removal, but plot owners may need to be consulted before any action is taken. Clerk to research the rules and regulations at Holmer Burial Ground. Clerk to draft a notice to be displayed asking for non-container grown trees and shrubs to be removed by the end of January after which the parish council will remove any remaining in February, notice also to be put into the newsletter.
  10.  Pond bench update – clerk to obtain two quotes for refurbishing, shotblasting and powder coating, for consideration at November meeting.
  11.  Code of Conduct updated: clerk to contact the monitoring officer asking if HC’s code is adopted and a challenge or issue arises what level of support can the PC expect from HC, as the legal advice from NALC will not be available. Clerk to report to next meeting.
  12. Finance
    12.1. Clerk’s salary and expenses £522.28 approved and signed.
  13.  Clerks update and correspondence: HALC offer of a councillor recruitment event – clerk requested to respectfully refuse offer.
  14.  Lengthsman scheme update: Chair and clerk signed forms for clerk to return to Amey.
  15. Community Led Plan update – SR updated that a meeting ahd been held; SR has circulated information to enable steering group to get together to consider questionnaire. SR awaiting responses. PC agreed to support committee financially if a deficit arises following issuing a prepaid envelope/freepost address SR will liaise with HC to use their freepost address.
  16. Items for next agenda:
    Clerk requested to contact Crest regarding installation of a public noticeboard at The Furlongs.
    Overgrown hedge at Lion Court, Attwood Lane, clerk requested to contact agent for recent planning application to request that the owner cut back the brambles encroaching the road.
  17. Date of next meeting 12th November 2012