Minutes of meeting 13th July 2015

Councillors are summoned to a meeting on 13th July 2015 at 7pm in HOLMER Parish Centre


In attendance: Mark Millmore (MMIL) Chairman, Marc Mohan (MMO), Dawn Arbuthnott (DA) Vice Chairman, Neil Duggan (ND), Alan Peel (AP)

Present: Rebecca Gill (RG) clerk, Graham Preece (GP), Andrew Round (AR)

1. Accept apologies for ABSENCE: Neil Jenkins

2. Co-Option of any new Councillors to the parish Council: N/A

3. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: N/A

4. Request for dispensation: None received

5. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 8th June 2015: minutes accepted as a true and accurate account of the meeting and signed by the chairman (MMIL)

6. Public participation (10 mins) Member of the public complained about the entrance to the starting gate and the new temporary access and was concerned that it is an accident waiting to happen. AR confirmed that it is only temporary and access would revert back to the original when work was finished, PC explained that it is in in fact out of our boundary.

Member of the public has asked if Lions court are going to resurface the road that they have dug up during their development, MMO replied that it will be resurfaced as part of the lion court development.

Member of the public expressed concern about the overgrown hedge row on Attwood lane on the right side coming from Roman rd. Pc will look into who owns the hedge row and ask owner to cut the hedge back. MMIL will approach the owner about cutting back the hedge.

Member of the public has concerns about all of the footpaths in Shelwick GP will liaise with the resident and walk the footpath with him so that the resident can point out areas of concern. Some styles have barbed wire covering them and some styles are unsafe.

Member of the public is concerned about planning app 151600 and is concerned about privacy issues. PC recommends that any member of the public that has concerns registers their objection with the council.

7. Finance

• Clerks salary as agreed by the Parish Council
• R Mills Burial ground grass £312.00
• Welsh water £17.66 DD to be ratified
• Holmer church PCC £152.00 (Room Hire)
All cheques approved and signed by MMIl and DA .Welsh water DD signed and ratified by MMIL and DA.

8. Planning update: seen by all councillors

9. Planning

• 151600 at Land off Church Way, Holmer: MMO makes comment that there are mistakes on the application and that the quoted straight road is in fact on a bend. PC resolve to object using the same objections as to the previous application on this piece of land. As the problems have not changed PC would like to see the loss off amenity space to Roselofts noted and perhaps the property on that plot moved north by up to 10 m so that Roselofts is not affected. PC is concerned that some properties will be built on existing septic tanks and soak ways. PC also concerned about hedgerows being replaced in their entirety as per the approved application and refer back to the indicative landscape strategies. Concern about the inaccuracies in the entire application including the name of the road being incorrect and the owner of the land being named incorrect. MMO concerned that there is nothing on the design and access statement about sewerage. PC will ask for more details on drainage. PC will also raise the issue of the height of the proposed properties not exceeding the existing houses in church way. PC concerned that a landscape design has not been submitted.

10. Footpath update: GP a few footpaths reported as overgrown H01 and HO10 but have now been resolved. GP will meet with Resident of Shelwick to walk paths of concern.

10.1 Changes to footpath HO9 at White House farm: NO objections

11. Attwood Lane junction update: On-going MMIL will contact NJ for update on this issue.AR will contact Member of the council who promised to contact PC and chase this up.

12. 106 Monies update: PC to write to Geoff Hughes stating our concerns that we are being fobbed off regarding our 106 monies and the PC and residents are finding this unacceptable. RG to email AR and ask for details about who to speak too. MMO to find out what agreed monies were for which development.

13. Standing orders PC to vote on adopting standing orders. MMO proposes to adopt the standing orders and ND seconded this proposal. New standing orders will take effect immediately.

14. Financial regulations: RG will meet with DA to go over financial regulations and make recommendations for financial regulations.

15. Request from Citizens advise for Parish council grant: PC to take a vote on this all in favour of voting against giving money to CAB.

16. Request from Shire Planning to put adverts on the notice boards: PC vote against advertising of this sort on Parish notice boards. ND will maintain notice boards as they are being overrun with notices.

17. Community assets: MMIL gave details to all councillors regarding taking on community assets. MMIL set up a working group to discuss including MMIL and AP and ND .MMIL will set up a meeting with the working group members.

18. Community litter pick update: PC decides on date of Sunday 27th September. MMIl will do a newsletter asking for volunteers .RG will speak to WI about refreshments. RG also to inform insurance company and arrange signage from BB and BB pick up of rubbish.

19. Footpaths officers report: N/A

20. Website training for Councillors: AP and MMO will have a meeting with MMIL to arrange website training.

21. Community led plan update: N/A

22. Police report: Bikes being stolen in the Furlongs.

23. Burial Ground: RG to ask lengthsman to cut burial ground and remove rubbish. Notice boards at burial ground needs removing RG to contact HP.

24. Application for grant from Citizens advise bureau

25. Request from Shire planning to put advertisements on the notice boards

26. Report by Ward Councillor: AR would like Ward Councillors report moved up the agenda so that it goes before public participation. AR met with Ed Thomas regarding Bloor homes 460 homes application to be brought up to date. AR likes the idea that member of the public brought up about no right turn on Attwood lane. AR suggested PC contacts BB to find out when road sweeping will be done to inform residents. RG to email Maynard smith about Hollybush lane and a tree overgrowing into a neighbouring property.GP will look at this. AR will advertise the litter pick in the shop.

27. Clerks update and correspondence

28. Items for next agenda: Section 106 monies, Attwood lane junction,

29. Date of next meeting 14th September

30. Meeting closed at 9.00pm