Minutes of Meeting 12th October 2015

Councillors were summoned to a meeting on 12th October 2015 at 7pm in HOLMER Parish Centre Press and public were cordially invited to attend

In attendance: Mark Millmore (MMIL) Chairman, Sally Robertson(SR),Neil Duggan(ND),Marc Mohan(MMO),Dawn Arbuthnott(DA),Neil Jenkins(NJ)

Present: Rebecca Gill(RG), Ward Councillor Andrew Round (AR) and 4 members of the public.

1. Accept apologies for ABSENCE: Alan Peel apologised for his absence and also tendered his resignation.

2. Co-Option of any new Councillors to the Parish Council: N/A

3. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: MMO declares a pecuniary interest in item 11.1. MMilalso declares a non-pecuniary interest 11.1.

4. Request for dispensation: None received

5. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 14th September2015: Minutes approved by the council and signed by the chairman MMIL

6. Action points from previous meeting

  • SR and MMIL newsletter: SR met with AR who has agreed to contribute to the newsletter.SR will then send to MMIl to design.
  • AR and SR meet with vicar about 106 monies for car park:SR and AR met with vicar and looked at the land, and advised that he does some ground work and then report back to PC and AR.
  • RG and DA Financial regulations: DA and RG met and went through the draft financial regulations and presented draft to council for approval
  • MMIL to write draft policy for advertising: MMIL produced a draft advertising policy for the council to consider.MMIl propose that pc do not do any advertising on website, newsletter and notice boards this has been seconded by MMO.
  • RG to email BB about litter bins including cost, emptying and process: RG has received the procedural details from BB and is waiting for a response regarding dog bins.

7. Report by Ward Councillor: AR informs the council that there will be a full council meeting on Friday 16th October and the core strategy will be adopted.AR also informs that the Attwood lane petition has been returned, it has now been re-sent to Richard Ball. Pedestrian crossing by Glenthorn road needs to be upgraded and AR would appreciate a letter of support from the PC. AR, MMIl and SR will get together to discuss and look at draft. AR will also be contacting Manny Smith to walk the parish to see what jobs need doing in the parish;AR asks for PC to put any requests in writing.AR pointed out that the starting gate junction has been returned to the original entrance.

8. Public participation (10 mins) Member of the public was very concerned about that lack of due diligence done by TCH regarding the application for 10 properties in church way.Member of the public is concerned with overgrown hedge on the south side of Attwood lane and church way.MMO will look into who owns the verges on Attwood lane.

9. Finance

  • Clerks salary as agreed by the Parish Council
  • R Mills Burial ground: no invoice received.
  • Grant Thornton £120.00
  • All checks signed by chair MMIl and MMO

10. Planning update: Concerns were raised over PC not being consulted on amendments to planning applications application.

11. Planning

  • 152678 – Land at Wytz End, Church Way, Holmer proposed erection of two dwellings: MMO leaves the room at this point. NJ proposes no objections seconded by SR.
  • Reconsultation 150898 – Land at West Court, Attwood Lane, Hereford, HR1 1LJ.Proposed erection of two dwellings amended block plan and site plan including indicative details of amended vehicular access:MMIl now declares a pecuniary interest in item 11.2 and leaves the room.DA takes the chair for this item. PC resolve to raise no objections, but would like to see detail to determine no issue with amenity space for immediate neighbours and also a more detailed drainage plan.MMIl returns to the room and re-takes the chair.
  • 152705 – Land at TheCrossways, Roman Road, Holmer, Hereford, HR1 1LA.Proposed demolition of Cross House and erection of four new dwellings and associated access and infrastructure.PC resolve to ask for an extension until the 22nd so that the pc can do a site visit
  • 152827 – 28 Turnberry Drive, Holmer, Hereford, Herefordshire HR1 1LP.Proposed 2 storey rear and side extension and widening of driveway.PC resolve to raise no objections to this application.

12. Footpath update: GP not present and no written report sent.

13. P3 Scheme: MMO proposes that when the lengthsman scheme is renewed we will adopt the P3 scheme this was seconded by ND.

14. Lengthsman

  • Contract: moved to November due to printer issues.
  • List of Jobs: Move to November. Arrange for RM to meet MMO, MIL and NJ.

15. Attwood Lane junction update: Petition was returned to SR who then re-sent it back to Richard Ball. PC to write to RB asking for an update and response. RG to meet with SR to write letter to RB.

16. Attwood Lane /Roman road footpath sewage problem update: Ask Welsh water to put a sign on the pumping station to call if there is a problem. SR to forward Jason Turners email to RG.

17. PC annual governance review: Councillors will read document and make suggestions in the November meeting.

18. 106 Monies update: Pc to write to Geoff Hughes stating that we have still not given us a spread sheet regarding how our 106 monies have been spent and how much we have. AR to send GH email also me informsGH that we will be taking legal advice on this matter.

19. Financial regulations update: proposed by MMO and seconded by MMIL to adopt financial regulations that were advised by DA and RG. Get financial regulations signed at November meeting.

20. Community assets update: RG to get advice on how to register a community asset from HALC.

21. Community led plan update: Working group will meet on 15-10-2015 to finalise an action plan at the next meeting.

22. Dog fouling and general rubbish bins on the Furlongs update: Rg to continue to chase regarding dog bins and emptying costs.

23. Police report: emailed to all councillors.

24. Burial Ground: Add amended price line to Burial ground price list of £65 for interment of ashes and £90 for a burial interment. MMO proposes and SR seconded

25. Clerks update and correspondence: will be emailed to councillors.

26. Items for next agenda: Budget, Dog fouling, Action points.CLP action plan.

27. Date of next meeting9th November

Meeting closed at 21.25