Minutes November 12th 2012

Minutes November 12th 2012 Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

Monday 12th November 2012 7pm in Holmer Church Vestry Room


Present: John Phipps (JP) acting chair; Neil Jenkins (NJ); Richard Nash (RN), Dawn Arbuthnot (DA), Julie Debbage (JD) from item 6.
In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson (SR), PC Neil James, Hazel Philpotts (HP) parish clerk and RFO; Graham Preece (GP) Footpaths Officer; two members of public

        1. Apologies for absence: Neil Duggan and Ronnette Thomas.
        2. Resignation: received from Hilary Alcock. Clerk to inform Herefordshire Council.
        3. Declarations of interest : JP recorded an interest in planning items 10.4 and 10.5 and did not take part in the discussion.
        4. Minutes of last meeting (10th September 2012): accepted as an accurate record of the meeting and signed by the chair.
        5. Public participation :
          Jackie and Gordon Neil of Bell Bank Avenue attended to ask the PC for support in opposing the planning application to build in the garden of Salou, Belle Bank Avenue. Application will be determined by planning committee; PC has objected to the application and the clerk has registered to speak at the meeting.

          Drainage issues and Crest site: Pauline Jenkins informed the meeting that changes and development in the area behind her house has affected the water table and her septic tank and that sewerage problems have existed for some 19 years. Pauline lives on Roman Road very close to where the sewerage spills out onto the footpath, causing pedestrians to walk in the carriage way of the road. Most recent incident of sewerage spilling was 20th October 2012. Further problems exist with sewerage along Attwood Lane near the nursing home. RN is aware of someone within the parish who was put under considerable pressure by HC’s environmental health to sort out a sewerage issue on private land, can this be quoted back to environmental health in an effort to insist that department takes action . SR and NJ have been working on a timeline in preparation for making a formal representation and to support a call to NALC through HALC for legal advice. RN proposed clerk contact HALC to ask for legal advice to support the objection at the appeal, also to enquire whether the PC sue Herefordshire Council for maladministration in their failure to ensure the sewerage system was adopted by Welsh Water from Crest.

        6. Report from Ward Councillor Sally Robertson
          HADRA Holmer and District Residents Association, still have funding within the organisation and they have asked for ideas to use the funding. SR suggested a working group be set up to to work on the relief road, HADRA to be invited to next parish council meeting and be intived to join PC as there are now three vacancies.Community led Plan – SR had proposal from HADRA to collect community led plan responses, however, PC had already decided to use a prepaid envelope.SR has been contacted by resident of the parish who has had a letter from DEFRA saying that the stream on his land is carrying phosphates to the River Wye, Sally will keep the PC informed.Section 106 monies for Crest development – HC’s Yvonne Coleman has confirmed that extending the footpath from the nursing home to Wentworth Park is being considered. Upgrading to pelican crossing at Glenthorne Road nearest Starting Gate has been refused however a refuge in the centre of the road is still being considered. Cleeve Orchard traffic survey and residents request for a 20mph limit, HC has asked if PC would like £3,500 of 106 money be spent on another traffic survey PC confirmed yes, SR will inform HC of decision.PC’s priority list for projects using Section 106 funding:
          1 Bus shelter request at Starting Gate roundabout
          2 is Old School LANE
          3 Munstone cross roads
          4 inside or outside crest site
          Further request for 106 money for a footpath along Roman Road from Munstone Lane to Crest site past Hopbine. SR will report back to HC.
        7. Police report – PC Neil James attended the meeting and sent in a report covering Hereford Rural North and East. Aims to circulate a report every two months. PC expressed thanks for very informative and well received report. Clerk asked to send minutes and agendas to PC James.
        8. Footpaths: GP informed the meeting very quiet time, no reports of work needed. GP will be attending a meeting later this month of all parish footpath officers with Herefordshire Council and Amey.
        9. Planning
          9.1. applications update circulated.
          9.2. Pomona works – previous objections stand: site has always been protected as an employment site for the local community. Identified in UDP for employment. More suited for industrial site not residential due to the nature of contamination. Meeting to be arranged with SR, HC’s planning officer and members of the parish council. Proposed demand for the houses at the crest development is less than anticipated which vindicates the parish’s comments in respect of retaining employment land rather than increasing the residential stock.
          9.3. 8 Belle Bank Avenue, PC objects to the proposal for the following reasons: development is too much like building a detached dwelling, will have a detrimental effect on the character of the close, the new garage should be in the same location as the existing and should be scaled back to maintain the existing relationship between the bungalow and the garage, the buildings need to be closer to maintain the visual space between the individual plots in Belle Bank Avenue. The PC does not object to the extension to the bungalow.
          9.4. Barbury Coldwells Road, new dwelling: no objections
          9.5. Knoll House, new dwelling: no objections
          9.6. Update received from Herefordshire Council on ‘The Good Life’ planning issues read to the meeting.
          9.7. Ivydene – feedback request from applicant regarding comments submitted to HC – email back PC had no objections in principal as long as the design is suitable for a rural location and fits in with existing dwellings, and utilises similar materials. The previous design was looked rather urban.
        10. Burial Ground – clerk draft a notice to go on the board that work will be carried out in the near year to remove anthills and remove untended shrubs and trees planted on graves.
        11. Co-option of councillor: PC resolved to co-opt Julie Debbage of Cot Barn House, Roman Road, Hereford to the parish council.
        12. Pond bench – update and consideration of quotes for maintenance and painting: discussed galvanising rather than painting or power coating to avoid chipping when bumped with mowers and strimmers. Decided to paint green not galvanise. Clerk to update to next meeting.
        13. Lengthsman scheme – update forms submitted to HC via Amey. Decision is made at end of December amounts allocated to parishes. Clerk to update to next meeting.
        14. Code of Conduct – Resolved to adopt NALC template Code of Conduct, signed by JP as chair of meeting.
        15. Finance
          15.1. invoices/payments to be approved:
          Mazars (external audit fees) £144.00
          clerks salary and expenses £534.18
          D Duggan, mowing of burial ground £285.50
          HALC – training for clerk £12.00
          SLCC (Society of Local Council Clerks) annual sub (50% of £110 shared cost with Burghill PC) £55.00
          Sally Robertson (reimbursement for paper for newsletter) £19.98
        16. Clerks update and correspondence: circulated and noted
        17. Community Led Plan update: Latest meeting had to be cancelled.
        18. Items for next agenda
          Consider a dispensation for all parish councillors to enable discussion and setting of annual precept for 2013/4 and 2014/15 (all councillors who live in the parish have a disclosable pecuniary interest in the item).
          Notice boards at Wentworth Park, Crest and the church
          Boundary commission next stage of the consultation, might require a public meeting.
        19. Date of next meeting Monday 14th January 2013.