Minutes November 11th 2013

Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

Monday 11th November 2013 7pm in Holmer Church Vestry Room


Present: Richard Nash (chair) RN, John Phipps JP, Ronnette Thomas RT, Dawn Arbuthnott DA, Julie Debbage JD

In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson, parish clerk Hazel Philpotts,
Footpaths Officer Graham Preece, Ceri Ann Lloyd-Davies,
8 members of the public including: Clive Edwards, Terrence Ball, Paul Stephens,
John Morris, Mark Mohan, Mrs Kay Preece

  1. Apologies for absence – none
  2. Declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations – JP declared an interest in item (10.2.1 planning application for land off Church Way).
  3. Co-opting new parish councillor – resolved unanimously to co-opt Ceri Ann Lloyd-Davies proposed by DA seconded by JD.
  4. Minutes of last meeting (9th September 2013) accepted as an accurate record of the meeting and signed by the chair
  5. Public participation – members of the public outlined their concerns regarding the proposed development at Church Way , primarily focused on:
    Safety concerns, including traffic, visibility when exiting onto A49, also safety of pedestrians.
    Existing traffic (rat-running and speeding) during peak times which local residents feel will be exacerbated. Residents with children are particularly concerned regarding their safety.
    Concerns regarding the workability and functionality of the site and ability to accommodate the number of vehicles the development would generate.
    Conservation concerns.
    Lowering of hedge height would affect the privacy of existing properties.
    Sewerage and water run off.
    Questions were raised regarding an easement held by Welsh Water and whether surfacing or planting is permitted.
  6. Highways – proposal to request parking restrictions in Church Way update by JP who, with JD, met with HC’s Highways Engineer, Andrew Lee Jones to view parking problems. SR would like to arrange a public meeting to discuss. Restrictions against cars parking on the first 50 metres of Church Way (starting at the terraced houses) have been suggested; HC might consider during peak hours only. Discussions with HC are beginning. SR informed the public in attandance of the Speedwatch project. Accident recently in Kempton Avenue has resulted in looking at extending 30 mph speed limit. Lion Court 106 contribution has been reduced by £70,000 SR has been informed of this decision today. JP learned from the meeting with Andrew Lee-Jones that HC is proposing to put a small hatched box outside The Furlongs.
  7. Update by Footpaths Officer:
    H10 path from Munstone to Lyde was blocked but now cleared, no reports of any other problems. Footpath from Crest: extension for closure order runs out this month SR will follow up.
  8. Police report – noted.
  9. Report from Ward Councillor Robertson
    9.1. Core Strategy – challenge group, been told a further 6 week consultation is planned. Group is asking PC’s who want to be involved to contribute a minimum of £100.
    9.2. Lion Homes – section 106 money has been reduced by £70,000 SR suggesting a group be set up to decide and further 106 funding.
    9.3. Pedestrian crossing across A49 at end of Church Way to the centre, Highways will not fund.
    9.4. Tim Ellis, Balfour Beatty’s Locality Steward, met at Patch Hill, then went to Church Way pointed out the water on the corner, Balfour Beatty struggling to catch up with backlog of work. SR will ask Tim to come to a meeting.
    9.5. Sewerage problem in Roman road reoccurred and overflowed twice in different place in last 6-8weeks, including a backfill of sewerage at The furlongs: SR is taking up the issue with HC and Welsh Water to resolve.
    9.6. Lyde Court renewal of temporary permission is due very soon, concern being raised regarding noise and additional traffic, SR is taking up the issues with the planning department.
  10. Planning
    10.1. applications update – circulated.
    10.2. Consider and agree response to applications:
    10.2.1. Application for 13 dwellings on land off Church Way
    Resolved to object to application for reasons of:
    Road safety: exacerbating an existing severe problem of traffic congestion and road safety.
    Loss of privacy for the existing residents with two storey houses opposite.
    Conservation issues regarding loss habitat for wildlife.
    Possibility of traffic using the new access for undertaking.
    The impact of construction traffic would be detrimental to the area and would damage the condition of the road surface.
    Following comment to be included: If HC is mindful to approve the application the parish council would request the following:
    Consideration should be made to putting traffic calming measures in place before commencement of the development including the introduction of a 20mph speed restriction along Church Way and Attwood Lane.
    The PC would like the Ward Member to be included in any decisions determining appropriate conditions for the development.
    10.2.2. Variance of conditions Lion Court Homes, Pomona Works
    The PC has no objection to the amendments to the houses as requested providing there is no alterations to the Section 106 monies due on the development.
    10.2.3. New dwelling at Rushford, 7 Belle Bank Avenue
    No objection however concern exists locally that Belle Bank Avenue is already a very busy road and additional vehicles will add to that problem. The PC has spoken to a local resident and it would appear that no public notification of the application has been displayed.
    10.3. Set criteria for hard copies for planning applications and process for calling additional meeting. Each application to be determined as to whether it requires a meeting.
    10.4. Planning application process: councillors to be asked to respond to clerk one week earlier than deadline for return to HC. Clerk to look at setting up read receipts to ensure emails are received by councillors.
    10.5. Coldwells house Care Home, clerk to write to thank Ms Rogers for having hedge cut back, sending drawing showing suggested alterations to drainage at the end of the drive to deal with the run off water that runs down the drive and freezes in winter on Coldwells Road.
  11. Burial Ground
    11.1. Maintenance update including timetable for new maintenance contract: RT to let clerk have list of work required after meeting with Hereford Cemetery Superintendent, John Gibbon, for Richard mills to price up tasks individually.
    11.2. Discuss use of congregating area for burial and possible extension of burial ground: carry forward to next meeting.
    11.3. Review of charges – Carry forward to next meeting for discussion after meeting with John Gibbon.
  12. Notice boards – update at next meeting.
  13. Lengthsman scheme – update on work carried out and required.Clerk to check to see if PC paid for the salt bins at Roman Road and Munstone.
  14. Commons update – pond clerk look up liaise with Hedleys.
  15. Newsletter
    SR producing newsletter, ready to publish, cost £50 per newsletter not including paper which PC will provide.
  16. Finance
    16.1. invoices/payments approved:
    clerks salary and expenses £567.14
    Viking Direct (stationery incl newsletter paper) £43.15
    Society of Local Council Clerks (cost shared with Burghill PC) £57.00
    16.2. Begin budget setting process – to be discussed at next meeting.
  17. Clerk’s update and correspondence – noted.
  18. Community Led Plan and Neighbourhood Planning update
    Council funding has stopped however Chris Gooding has funding so research can be continued, SR now concerned that Holmer and Shelwick’s plan has come to a standstill, only Neil Duggan SR and JJP involved; DA and JD volunteered to help get the questionnaires distributed for completion.
  19. Items for next agenda
    Financial contribution to core strategy challenge.
    Invite HC’s Yvonne Coleman to the meeting to update on 106 monies.
  20. Date of next meeting (Monday 13 January 2013)