Minutes November 10th 2014


Councillors were summoned to a meeting on November 10th 2014 at 7pm in HOLMER Parish Centre


In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson(SR),Rebecca Gill Parish Clerk(RG)One member of the public, Guy Wakefield from Hunter paige planning and Chris Shaw from Bloor homes. Neil Jenkins and Donna Taylor
Present: Mark Millmore(MMIL),John Phipps(JP),Marc Mohan(MMO),Dawn Arbuthnott(DA)

Julie Debbage and Graham Preece footpaths officer.

2. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensation:

Copy of the code of conduct given to all council members.

3. Request for dispensation
4. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 8th September.

Minutes accepted at an accurate account of the meeting and signed by the chair.

5. Public participation (10 mins)

Guy Wakefield from Hunter Paige planning and Chris Shaw from Bloor explained that they had met with PC previously and wanted to update the PC on some minor changes to plans, before they put the application in to the council. They include moving 35 houses from the northern boundary and moving them into the developed area.

The reason for this is Bloor and HC felt that maybe they were not making effective use of land, so by moving those 35 houses they therefore increasing the density. Bloor would be open to us using a section of land as either open space or allotments. Also the care block and park and ride may be looked at during determination. MMIl asked if any infrastructure studies had been done and Bloor is waiting for Hereford Council to get back to them on their 106 contributions for local schools and services. MMO asked whether HC had responded about a reduction in park and ride and for a preference for it to be split.

Highways seem happy with the access from the A49. Kempton Ave was mentioned but HC did not feel it was an issue. Local feedback indicates that traffic lights on Kempton Ave would be welcomed despite what HC Highways department feel .Member of public asked about whether there were provisions for schooling. Guy Wakefield explained that there would be provisions under the 106 decided by the HC.PC feel the relief road through the Development could be used as a rat run.SR would not like to see Lorries going through there and would like to see a weight restriction as SR feels it would cause a safety issue.

PC are concerned about the relief road position and in general safety of the road.GW indicated landscape officer did not want a northern relief road as it would mean street lighting etc.JP explained that parish council decides if we have street lighting. MMO surprised that no commercial premises are being included in the site. The Development will comprise of 35 %affordable with 50/50 split social rent and shared ownership.299 market properties 60 provided in the care block.

6. Finance

• Clerks salary as agreed by the Parish Council
• Richard Mills Burial ground £264.00
• Data orchard CIC £1300.87

7. Police report
8. Footpath officer report: n/a
9. Footpaths update on P3 from JD:

Clerk to email James Powell to ask about P3 scheme

10. Discuss budget and Precept:

JP proposes we increase the budget by 10.82 xNew houses online.JP can help clerk with figures for new houses, and seconded by MMO and MMIl. CLP £1285 taken out of reserve funds in bank. Budget to be confirmed after figures have been checked.

11. Report by Ward Councillor Sally Robertson:

SR would like to arrange an Open morning about website with the PC support. Salt bin needs chasing SR needs BB to give us a price and see if they will honour Amey figures.

Neighbourhood plan Burghill having an open day 15th/16th November 10-6pm about Neighbourhood plan and SR would like to see some PC members there. New grove SR issued complaint that it was not called into committee and she was not informed before it was passed.

This is on-going. Core strategy waiting for date for public consultation. SR met with welsh water about drainage on roman road from Crest site. SR has told Welsh Water that if they do not get back to her she will go to Hereford times. SR met with vicar and he would like to be involved with PC although he is very committed to other things and he said they would like to extend the car park from 106 monies. Vicar would like PC to pass on lengthsman details to him. PC to invite vicar to next meeting. Some complaints from furlongs about lack of street lighting.

12. Lengthsman Scheme update:

PC to include on the website that we would like people to come forward with any issues for the lengthsman in the parish and if the PC feels it is in our remit we will look at it. Ask Belfour Beatty who the contractor was who cut the hedge by JP and then send them a bill for the salt bin. MMO and SR to source and price a salt bin for Bobblestock. MMO pathway and curb into Attwood lane is mulch and very slippery it needs cleaning and taking away and also the gulley opposite needs clearing out.

The footpath between Holmer court and lion court is very overgrown. Ask Holmer court to cut the vegetation that goes onto the footpath on the crest site and on the opposite side find out who the owner is .SR to raise as an issue. MMO proposes a dog bin on the crest site adjacent to the rear of Holmer Court. MMO to find out who is in charge of emptying dog bins and how PC sources them.

13. Burial Ground update:

DA noticed a lot of overgrown hedges and also a lot of Virgo headstones that are not straight, we need to identify these and ask Virgo to look at them. When someone applies for a headstone then if there is excess soil we can ask the stone mason if they will take it away.

14. Planning update:

Clerk gave Councillors the letter and plans received from Bryan Thomas, PC cannot comment at this stage.

15. Monthly meeting vote:

Proposed by MMIL passed by all councillors .2nd Monday in the month, except December and August,meeting restricted to 90mins. Agenda set out with most important Agenda items first anything that goes over time will be carried to the next meeting. Give anyone who does not wish to or cannot attend every meeting the option to send a written report.

16. Planning Process update for working group:

MMO the website has a Google apps plug in which shows exactly were the planning app is in the parish, using the RSS feed we can get automatic updates that are for Holmer and Shelwick from HC to go to the website.

Proposal for new process is the Clerk sends email as current process the application is then entered onto the website on the planning page and put on the map, PC comments from the meeting will be posted after. PC and parishioners can then comment . PC will discuss every application at a meeting and then vote on our recommendations for that application. Clerk will then inform HC of our recommendations and PC comments are then published onto website for all to see.

All developers will meet in public with PC,all meetings with developers will be advertised .

PC will only receive information from developers until planning application is registered .

Pc to add a caveat that any member of the council can call an extraordinary meeting to talk about this application. Also any Parish Councillor that has any application on their own land should be discussed at a meeting. MMIL to send clerk wording for triggering an extraordinary meeting.

Clerk to check Rosebank telephone mast application and ask why we have not been asked for comment. SR to Check also.

17. Community led plan/neighbourhood plan update and CLP cheque for winner.

Cheque issued to B Pontin for £100.00 letter to be added.SR to send details to Clerk

18. Section 106 monies for Church way and Attwood lane:

Official letter to Yvonne Coleman Inviting her to the next PC meeting so that we can ask about 106 monies and bring information to the meeting in January.JP to draft.

19. Clerks Hours:

Clerks hours amended to 10 hours weekly effective immediately

20. Clerks update and correspondence

21. Items for next agenda:

Churchway and Attwood lane 106 monies ,advertising for website, opinion survey ideas. Adopt planning process

22. Date of next meeting 12th January TBC