Minutes Meeting 8th February 2016

Councillors were summoned to a meeting on 8th February 2016 at 7pm in HOLMER Parish Centre
Press and public were cordially invited to attend

Present: Rebecca Gill Clerk
In Attendance: Mark Millmore(Chairman)(MMIL), Marc Mohan(MMO),Sally Robertson(SR), Neil Duggan (ND), Kerry Sheldon(KS),Angela Tyler (AT), Jane Davies (JD)

1. Accept apologies for ABSENCE: Dawn Arbuthnott and Neil Jenkins

2. Co-Option of any new Councillors to the Parish Council: Five members of the public wrote in and applied to become parish councillors. Ballot papers had been prepared for councillors to vote on this as there are only three positions available. Angela Tyler, Jane Davies, and Kerry Sheldon were voted on to the Parish council.

3. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: MMIL declares a non-pecuniary interest in item 13.3,13.4 and MMO declares a pecuniary interest on item 13.3, 13.4

4. Request for dispensation; None received

5. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 11th January 2016: Minutes accepted as a true and accurate account of the meeting and signed by the chairman. MMO proposes and SR seconds

6. Mark Haslam to advise on Community assets: Mark Haslam gave examples of community assets in the Hereford area. ACV status would stop the owners applying for development and means they have to apply for change of use. SR asked how long the process would take. MH thinks about 3-4 weeks. The owner can put the property up for sale if they see fit, but only at the current use. PC do have the option to buy it.

7. Fran White Playground /open space at Wentworth Park. Fran White would like the council to consider taking on the open space at Wentworth Park and using the 106 monies to upgrade the play equipment. The money available would be roughly 33k. If we apply to awards for all we could receive a grant for 10k for equipment and that would then leave 10k in the budget for maintenance. SR to arrange a flyer for Wentworth park residents. And try and arrange a meeting for residents.

8. Action points from previous meeting

  • MMIl to draft letter to Holmer Park about delivery drivers speeding. All councillors happy with drafted letter.
  • Clerk to speak to SR about writing to Peter Clasby about section 106 monies. SR to meet with AR to discuss 106 monies for Bloor development.
  • Clerk to apply for P3 scheme.
  • MMO to send map to clerk regarding sighting of Dog bins. Clerk to contact crest about putting in a dog poo bins. MMO and KS to liase and decide on sight on the furlongs.

9. Report by Ward Councillor: AR has received and email offering support for us to do a neighbourhood plan from Kevin Singleton and Samantha Banks. AR to give details to clerk to invite them to a meeting. Attwood lane; AR and PC met and it is now under way to revert the junction back to original priority. AR has asked for costing`s from Stuart Nowell. PC should bring it up with Manny Smith about road markings. Clerk to also ask how often the Bin gets empty at crest furlongs sight. 1st April all prices going up including car parking and bin emptying.

10. Public participation (10 mins): Member of the public concerned about the mess being made of the verges near the pond. Also concerned about dogs escaping onto her land. AR to address the Coldwells rd verges with MS. Member of the public reports less traffic on Attwood lane.

11. Standing Orders. N/A

12. Finance

  • Clerks salary as agreed by the Parish Council
  • Burghill Cap £306.47
  • Paperstones / S. Roberts £64.70
  • Viking £10.66
  • All cheques signed by MMIl and MO

13. Planning

  • Update: Update sheet given to all councillors
  • 160048 – Land between Tillington Road and Roman Road, Herefordshire. Proposed outline planning application (all matters reserved except access) for the development of up to 50 residential dwellings with associated access. Burghill PC have serious concerns about highways and [lay area. Also concerned that it is premature as the Neighbourhood plan has not been adopted. SR to contact us with the outcome of Burghill PC and Holmer and Shelwick will support them.
  • 160222 – Barn at Lyde Cross Farm, Lyde, Hereford, HR1 3AE. Proposed change of use of storage barn to a dwelling house: MMIL and ND proposes no objections.
  • P153777/F Land at The Courtyard, Copelands Church Way Holmer Hereford HR1 1LL: MMO now leaves the room. SR proposes and JD seconds no objections
  • P153779/L Land at The Courtyard, Copelands Church Way Holmer Hereford HR1 1LL Proposed barn conversion and garage conversion into one dwelling: MMO now leaves the room. SR proposes and JD seconds no objections.

14. Community Led Plan formal adoption: MMO proposes that PC formally adopt the CLP and ND seconds. SR thanks Kate Phipps for all her hard work on this. SR would like to launch the CLP in May if the Hereford Council will permit it. ND chairman of the steering group thanks SR for all her hard work.

15. Litter pick: SR suggests 9th April for the community litter pick. SR to arrange.

16. Bartestree neighbourhood plan: We support the residents of Bartestree and the Neighbourhood plan

17. Section 106 monies: N/A

18. Website Hosting: SR proposes that PC move the hosting of the website to HALC and ND seconds this.

19. Footpath update

  • P3 Scheme: PC cannot join the P3 scheme at present.

20. Lengthsman

  • List of Jobs and update
  • Chase up bus shelter by Munstone House and look at verges and ditches for leaves after recent storms.

21. Sighting of dog bins on the Furlongs. MMo and KS to walk the area and look for suitable spots.

22. Attwood Lane junction update: N/A

23. Community assets update: SR proposes that we apply for an ACV and MMIl seconds this. The Clerk with the help of MMO will apply using the forms. Mark Haslam is happy to provide support and advice.

24. Police report: Emailed to Councillors

25. Burial Ground: Clerk received letter of complaint about Moles in the Burial ground. AR to send clerk details of trapper. Clerk to contact Lengthsman about quoting for a hand rail.

26. Clerks update and correspondence.

27. Items for next agenda: Neighbourhood development plan, dog bins, Street Lighting in the furlongs and church way and Lions court. Invite residents or representative of meadow view to next parish council meeting. Clerk policy on responding to emails from residents.

28. Date of next meeting 14th March 2016

29. Meeting closed at 21.22