Minutes May 13th 2013

Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

Monday 13th May 2013 7.30pm in Holmer Church Vestry Room


Present: Neil Duggan, John Phipps, Dawn Arbuthnott, Richard Nash, Ronnette Thomas, Julie Debbage
In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Roberts, Hazel Philpotts (Parish Clerk), Graham Preece (Footpaths Officer), member of the public (Mrs Preece)

  1. Election of Chair and Vice Chair: Neil Duggan proposed as chair by RN, seconded by DA carried unanimously. John Phipps proposed as vice-chair by ND seconded by JD, carried unanimously. Resolved to elect Neil Duggan and John Phipps as chair and vice-chair for a further year.
  2. Apologies for absence: Resignation from the PC received from Neil Jenkins clerk to inform HC and to write to Neil and thank him for his considerable work on behalf of the parish. SR to put notice into the newsletter. No apologies for absence received
  3. Declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: Neil Duggan recorded an interest in the burial ground maintenance, item number 9.1
  4. Minutes of last meeting (11th March 2013) resolved to accept as an accurate record of the meeting.
  5. Public participation (10 minutes) not taken up
  6. Report from Ward Councillor Robertson:
    6.1. SR thanked everyone for support during the Core Strategy public meeting. Consultation briefing has been received saying that information is being collated, final report to be taken to Cabinet on 4 July followed by full council on 19th July. 1400 responses, 300 on the CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy). SR will be attending a meeting regarding HC’s finances on 14th May, very worrying position, new CE has found an 8.4 million pound hole in HC’s budget.
    6.2. Amey surgery 15th May SR will attend if well enough or will submit a list of questions and outstanding issues for reporting on.
    6.3. Shelwick – near Shelwick Farm road itself has gown a moss covering and has sunk SR is chasing up with Amey.
    6.4. Planning appeal for 29 houses Crest, appellant (Crest) won but was not awarded costs.
    6.5. Lion Court – first application was refused and despite second application being approved is still being appealed by the land owner due to 106 funding issues.
    6.6. Newsletter will be produced when Core Strategy outcome of consultation has been released.
    6.7. SR suggested a parish summer event again in August at The Rosie; ND will raise with landlord of The Rosie.
    6.8. Problem has been identified with traffic lights at Crest site if people park outside a house very near the junction the sensor is triggered and the lights constantly change.
  7. Police report – circulated.
  8. Planning
    8.1. Applications update: Northcote approved.
    8.2. Lyde Court’s website is recommending traffic turns at Kenchester Water Gardens contrary to the Planning Officer’s recommendations. SR will pick up with Planning.
    8.3. Hedgerow outside new Mini garage has not been replaced as per the condition of the planning permission SR will report to Planning Officer who will pass on to Enforcement Officer.
  9. Burial Ground
    9.1. Maintenance: ND, RT and JP visited to discuss work required. Main issue requiring attention is anthills which need removing, also hollows need to be filled to level up; hedge on south side needs trimming, and noticeboard needs painting. Grave with conifer tree to be removed is Brian Stephenson clerk to contact owner of grave to say tree will have to be removed.
    9.2. Consideration of use of congregating area for burial plots (two requests received for purchase of plots) JP is asking HC if Section 106 money can be used to upgrade or internally extend the burial ground. JP, RT and DA will meet with Cemetery Superintended to find details of HC’s regulations. SR will chase up the response to the 106 query. Clerk to respond to email requesting purchase of two graves to say negotiating for funding to extend the graveyard and will get in touch again when more is known.
  10. Ratification of review of burial ground charges: carry over to next meeting.
  11. Notice boards – carry forward to next meeting
  12. Lengthsman scheme – clerk updated that the PC had been accepted into the lengthsman scheme and had been awarded £979.00 for this financial year (2013/14) which included a 10% administration fee of £97.90. It was agreed that the clerk would carry out the administration of the scheme and would be paid £24.48 quarterly. Clerk to inform Richard Mills of his appointment as lengthsman and to obtain copy of public liability insurance certificate and return all forms to HC/Amey as necessary.
  13. Update by Footpaths Officer: reported to annual parish meeting.
  14. Newsletter: agreed to circulate newsletter when core strategy is finalised.
  15. Finance
    15.1. invoices/payments approved:
    Broker Network Ltd (insurance renewal) £270.46
    Herefordshire Council (burial ground rates) £52.67
    clerks salary and expenses £617.11
    HALC (annual subs) £474.33
    D Duggan (mowing of burial ground) 154.00
    Holmer Church Parish Centre (room hire Core Strategy public meeting) £56.00
    15.2. Clerk to contact HC council tax manager to resolve queries regarding council tax and precept calculation.
    15.3. Final accounts and annual audit return approved, including annual governance statement.
  16. Discuss easement – carry forward to next meeting
  17. Clerk’s update and correspondence:
    Clerk requested to obtain and circulate update on hedgerow removal.
    Issue of sewerage problem at Coldwells House leaking into the stream, environment agency is involved and might be looking to prosecute as the problem has been in existence for over a year and has not been addressed, problem is causing contamination of the pond as which was proved by the dye put into the sewerage treatment plant reaching the pond and turning it green. Environment agency has now stipulated that the sewerage treatment plant must not be used and effluent must be tankered away.
  18. Community Led Plan (CLP) and Neighbourhood Planning update
    18.1. CLP – SR suggested steering group members meet at HC offices with Chris Gooding to finalise the questionnaire 28th May
    18.2. Neighbourhood Plan – SR will find out the position regarding the state of the parish plan and whether it has to be complete before Neighbourhood Plan can be commenced.
  19. Items for next agenda newsletter
  20. Date of next meeting – Monday 8th July 2013