Minutes May 12th 2014

Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

Meeting held May 12th 2014 at 7pm in Holmer Church Vestry Room


Present: Richard Nash(RT)(Chair), John Phipps (JP), Ronnette Thomas (RT), Mark Millmore (MMIL), Marc Mohan (MMO), Julie Debbage (JD), Ceri Lloyd –Davies (CLD)
In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson (SR), Rebecca Gill (RG) (Clerk), Graham Preece (footpaths officer), Mrs Kay Preece, Mrs Joan Benbow

  1. APOLOGIES for ABSENCE Dawn Arbuthnott
  2.  CONDUCT OF MEETING It was agreed by the Parish council that the Agenda would be set out in such a way that all of the short business will be at the beginning of the meeting therefore freeing up time at the end of the meeting for larger issues.
  3. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations
    Accepted as an accurate record of the meeting and signed by the chair.
  5. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (10 MINUTES OF LAST MEETING), Mrs Joan Benbow Thanks Ward Councillor Sally Robertson for all her help with the issues on Canon Pyon road.
  6.  SIGN AUDIT signed by Richard Nash (chair)
  7. SIGN CASHBOOK signed by the Richard Nash (chair)
  8. SIGN BANK FORMS FOR CHANGE OF ADDRESS AND ADD A SIGNATORY, New clerks address added for bank account and Dawn Arbuthnot added as a signatory. Signed by chair and Vice chair
  9. FINANCE –
    i. Clerks salary and expenses £538.35
    ii. Burial ground rates £53.69 Forms sent back to Herefordshire Council for possible adjustment.
    iii. Viking office supplies £32.72
    iv. Richard mills Lengthsman work £336.00
    v. Richard mills Burial ground work (cut grass and remove clippings) £264.00
    vi. Suzanne Wenczek( Audit) £50.00
    vii. Came and Co Insurance for Parish Council £265
  10. POLICE REPORT: Nothing to report for Holmer and shelwick
  11. FOOTPATH OFFICER UPDATE: Footpath at Crest site, part of the footpath will open before the development is finished. Ramblers Association to put pressure on Crest to open the Attwood lane are .Munstone road footpath through the furlongs site is still closed and will remain that way until the development finishes.
  12. NOTICE BOARDS UPDATE: John Phipps is still trying to get hold of Fran White. Parish Council agree to put this on hold.
  13. CLERKS UPDATE AND CORRESPONDANCE: Salt Bin at Bobblestock has been re-ordered but now has to be re-quoted by Belfour Beatty. PC Neil James replied to email from parish Council about Police newsletter saying that Newsletter will not be going back to the original format. Hedleys want more information about commons.
  14. REPORT FROM WARD COUNCILLOR SALLY ROBERTSON: Core Strategy due to go out to Consultation at the end of May for one month, the data will then be collated. Some issues identified have been addressed. The Challenge group will challenge the Core strategy at Consultation stage. The Parish Council are encouraged to have a neighbourhood plan otherwise we are open to development without the Parish Council having a say. Belfour Beatty annual plan for spending ,cut backs include grass cutting to three times a year,we are assured by Belfour Beatty that visibility from overgrowth will not be a problem .Church way and Attwood lane have been highlighted by Ward Councillor Sally Robertson for resurfacing. Orchard close has also been included for resurfacing. Sweeping of roads will now take place as and when Belfour Beatty decide it is needed. Changes to streetlights in Holmer area, street lights will now be Led lights. SR went out with locality steward to talk about Holmer area. Parish Council to let SR know there are any issues we want brought up. Newsletter SR has been contacted about people putting paid adverts in the newsletter, Councillor Marc Mohan has also been approached. Community speed watch SR has been invited to meeting and also invited local policing team .West Mercia police reluctant to get involved. SR had a meeting with highways about speed limit decrease and extension on the A49, highways have said there is no need for this based on the accident figures, this is on going after possibility of more development. Complaint in orchard close about parking on either side of the road resident wants Herefordshire Council consider having double yellow lines along that area, and Wants support from the parish council. SR to follow up .Church way and Attwood lane section 106 monies on going SR to follow up.
  15. PLANNING UPDATE Dan Weaver from Pegasus has asked for a meeting with the PC after the consultation. PC will try to arrange for a Monday or Thursday (Monday preferred) evening are good for most Parish Councillors. JP not available until 9th June .Rebecca Gill (clerk) to contact Dan weaver about these dates.
  17. BURIAL GROUND: Nov meeting with Cemetery Superintendent, Working group have worked through all the data the PC have and have set up a spread sheet of graves. Working group have, used the Herefordshire Council Cemetery Guidelines as a basis for our proposed policy. Working group have differing opinions on the recommendation. Other things discussed by the working group were perhaps the clearing of the compost heap and rearranging of the hedges for more burial plots. Some graves have trees growing out of the headstone and will need to be looked into , query whether PC need to contact any relatives of the graves for permission to do works. Rubbish collection is not being done at the moment and maybe something the PC can ask the lengthsman to do when the grass is cut. It was Suggested New graves should be just headstones and leave grass so that it can easily be maintained. Suggested that all old records should be kept at records office ,It was also suggested that The PC Run separate a bank account or spread sheet for burial ground .Section 106 monies can only be used for extensions to the burial ground. Working group to email all questions for PC to discuss at separate meeting. Separate burial ground meting to be arranged for after the Pegasus meeting to discuss working group findings further and move forward.
  18. LENGTHSMAN SCHEME AND QUOTES Clerk to meet with Councillor Ronnette Thomas at burial ground to go over lengthsman wish list, also get quote for layering hedge Clerk to arrange urgent Burial ground meeting for June .Discuss quotes at separate burial ground meeting.
  19. PARISH WEBSITE: Presentation by Mark Millmore, Mark, proposes blog or Facebook type of website, Councillors would have their own page. Newsletters could be put onto the site for Parishioners to see. All input including information, pictures or comments would be checked by Admin and Chair/Vice Chair before being uploaded . Video chat options could also be an option. All parishioners would have access to the page but different people would have different levels of access to the website for security. Mark Millmore would build the site and Eyelid Productions could manage the site for a cost of £10 a month .Certain pages could be password protected so that only PC could access certain areas e.g planning etc .Parish Council would need to buy a domain name for £24 a year .PC would need to choose a name . Mark Millmore can find a list of names for Parish councillors to vote on at the next meeting.(Lyonshall PC website should be checked for example )Mark Millmore to bring detailed spec to next meeting.
  20. COMMUNITY LED PLAN UP-DATE: Steering group are meeting 20th may and hoped to get questionnaire out for June. PC to look at questionnaire and let SR know if there are any issues. Questionnaire questions are based on the planning for real. Rebecca Gill to check PC bank account for £600 grant for community led plan. The PC wish to keep this as community plan and not involve it with the neighbourhood plan. Marc Mohan to send RG (clerk) photo for community led plan picture.
  21. ITEMS FOR NEXT AGENDA: Neighbourhood plan (Edward bannister to be asked to attend to discuss neighbourhood plan) Burial ground. Community litter pick
  22. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – July 7th.