Minutes March 9th 2015 Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

Councillors are summoned to a meeting on March 9th 2015 at 7pm in HOLMER Parish Centre


In attendance: Mark Millmore (MMIL), John Phipps (JP), Marc Mohan (MMO), Neil Jenkins (NJ)

Present: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson (SR), Graham Preece (GP) footpaths officer, Rebecca Gill (RG) Clerk. Three members of the public

1. APOLOGIES for ABSENCE: Dawn Arbuthnott, Alan Peel. No apologies received from Donna Taylor.

2. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: None

3. Request for dispensation: None

4. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 9th February 2015:

Minutes accepted as a true and accurate account of the meeting.

5. Public participation (10 mins)

Member of the public has taken some interest in becoming a parish councillor in the future.

6. Finance

• Clerks salary as agreed by the Parish Council
• ICO registration £35
• Water rates for burial ground £16.20 Ratified
• JP details for bank
• MMIL and MMO to sign stubbs from February

7. Planning update:

Coldwells still undecided by Kelly Gibbons. David Dugdale looking into some issues with the Greenways application.

8. Planning:

Arrange meeting for planning App150478 Land to the North of Roman Rd and west of the A49 application for 460 houses: Meeting arranged for 23rd March in conjunction with SR. 7pm Parish centre.

9. Election:

All Councillors given nomination papers with instructions to fill then in and return by the 9th April.

10. May meetings (Annual meeting of the parish Council and Annual meeting).

Annual meeting of the parish council has to happen the week following the election but not before the 12th May. The Annual meeting must take place between the 1st of March and the 1st of June after 6 pm: Annual meeting of the Parish council to take place on 12th may alongside PC meeting. Annual meeting moved to the April Agenda.

11. Footpath officer update:

Wet area mentioned in the January meeting was checked and is wet but not unacceptable. All footpaths walked and checked, all stiles seem in reasonably good repair. No major problem.Ho8a Attwood lane footpath through to the rear of the furlongs very wet and muddy should be dealt with by the 106 monies SR will bring it up with Kevin Bishop.H06 still closed and was raised at full council meeting, some parts of the footpath have been reopened following completion of work. Other parts will likely remain closed for some time. Officers will liaise with developer to minimise impact.

12. Dog Fouling:

Several residents on the Parish Council website have made comments complaining about dog fouling in the area.SR to send leaflet for Parish Council to put on notice boards and stiles MMO to do stiles, RG to laminate.

13. Advertising:

MMIL to design a form for people to apply to advertise on the website and PC will then vote at the PC meeting what, who can advertise. All charitable advertising to be checked before it goes on the website.

14. Bus stop:

Parish Council will revisit this if there is a need. Bus stop on the college old school lane of the Rd needs making safer. RG to write to Paul Williamson and ask if anything can be done to improve safety.

15. Munstone road speed limit:

Two letters sent from parishioners regarding the speed limit and signs. Community Led Plan questionnaire saw the speed limit raised time and again. Resolved to follow this up with the CLP action plan.

16. Police report: N/A

17. Burial Ground update:

Written report from DA move to next agenda. RG to check moved urn and see if family or grave can be identified.

18. Report by Ward Councillor Sally Robertson:

SR attended core strategy consultation only 4 councillors out of 54 spoke at hearing. Bloor was advised not to put application in before core strategy was adopted. Rural policies need to go back and reword these as it was deemed not good enough by the officer. Officer asked if the Holmer west site had considered jobs. Officer also challenged population growth and the difference between countrywide and locally. SR to put letter together with PC to send to for highways to check before sending.

Highways will meet with ward councillors every 6 months. 106 monies Kevin Bishop will meet with SR to discuss what has happened and the 52 houses of crest at A49 east.SR orchard close to be revisited. Issues at Shelwick with stones on the highway BB enforcement team have written to the homeowner and asked them to move.SR looking for volunteers for community speed watch. MMO and NJ volunteered. Attwood lane Road greatly reduced by curb stones, SR to speak to Mark Edwards.

19. Community led plan:

CLP has stagnated but Chris Gooding came to the CLP steering group meeting to offer advice. Steering group will meet to see what came out the questionnaires and arrange an action plan.SR contacted council about £600 that was ring fenced for the questionnaires.

20. Clerks update and correspondence:

All councillors given a copy of the correspondence received by the clerk

21. Items for next agenda:

Footpaths and kissing gates, Burial ground, May annual meeting .Community assets, Roman Rd /Attwood lane Highways issue, walking for health. Wifi in the parish centre, Commons.

22. Date of next meeting 13th April

23. Meeting closed at 8.55pm

Minutes March 9th 2015 Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council