Minutes March 11th 2013

Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

Monday 11th March 2013 7 pm Holmer Church Vestry Room


Present: Neil Duggan, John Phipps, Dawn Arbuthnot, Ronnette Thomas, Julie Debbage, Richard Nash

In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson, Hazel Philpotts (parish clerk), Graham Preece (footpaths officer)

  1. Apologies for absence – Neil Jenkins
  2. Declarations of interest and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations none
  3. Minutes of last meeting (14th January 2013) signed as an accurate record of the meeting
  4. Public participation: no public present
  5. Report from Ward Councillor Robertson:
    SR met with Highways Agency regarding problems on A49, existing speed limit will be reviewed possibly stepping down from 60 to 30mph in stages further back from existing speed limit change, also a pedestrian crossing to the Church Centre and bus stop. A further meeting is being held on 19th March when SR will raise the possibility of a refuge in the centre of the road for pedestrians.
    CIL (community infrastructure levy) – parishes with a neighbourhood plan will receive 25% of the CIL, without a plan only 15%, SR is arranging a joint meeting for all three of her parishes and Herefordshire Council to discuss Neighbourhood Plans and whether funding is available to draw up. SR circulated a briefing note. SR has been informed that HC will not allow officers to support public meetings to discuss the Core Strategy and is challenging that decision; clerk asked to write to HC in support of SR.
  6. Police report circulated
  7. Planning
    7.1. Applications update:
    Lion Homes, Former Pomona Works, new application has been made also an appeal to the refusal.
    7.2. Herefordshire Council’s Local Plan Core Strategy and Community Infrastructure Levy Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule
    SR has put together a working group involving people from all three parishes, including for Holmer HADRA, Neil Jenkins and Julie Debbage. HADRA (Holmer residents association) will pay for flyers to be distributed to all residents. Five HC councillors have also met to work on submitting an alternative to the proposed northern and western relief roads. SR is arranging drop in sessions and public meetings to help people understand the strategy and its implications and to help people respond. Clerk to work with SR and to draft a response to the Core Strategy, circulate to PC for comments and approval.
  8. Burial Ground – maintenance and burial update. Meeting to be arranged at the Burial ground to draw up maintenance list. N Duggan will arrange.
  9. Consider request for a salt bin at Munstone approved purchase of salt bin for Mr Cooper at Munstone as long as Amey will fill and replenish. Clerk to ask for an update from Amey on the previous order.
  10. Notice boards – update: Clerk to contact Crest again and ask Neil Jenkins for an idea of the best location on Wentworth Park. Also to email the vicar to ask if the noticeboard agreed for location outside the parish centre could be erected and details of exact location.
  11. Lengthsman scheme – update promised to clerk by HC by end of this week, clerk to circulate and report to next meeting.
  12. Update by Footpaths Officer (Graham Preece) – no problems or issues, Graham is continuing to follow up the closed path through the Crest development. Clerk to write to Vince Playdon Amey to request an update on what the position is with the footpath across the Crest site, which has temporary closures regularly extended, and to request information on the P3 scheme.
  13. Finance
    13.1. invoices/payments approved:
    clerks salary and expenses £544.06
    Holmer Church Parish Centre – hire of meeting room for Parish Plan £40.00
    Registration renewal, The Information Commission (data protection) £35.00
    13.2. Request from Herefordshire Citizens Advice Bureaux for a grant or donation – resolved to reply to CAB saying the PC is looking into setting aside a budget and drawing up a process for applications. Clerk to obtain guidance/information from HALC on a grants policy/process and report to next meeting.
    13.3. Consider quotation for traffic – survey no available.
  14. Discuss easement: title to pond to be determined clerk to contact land registry to see if registered.
  15. Clerk’s update and correspondence – noted. Clerk requested to obtain details of HALC induction course for new councillors and circulate details.
  16. Community Led Plan and Neighbourhood Plan update – SR reported that sample questionnaire had been typed up and sent to HC in January but had to be chased up. SR is continuing to follow up and will be arranging a meeting for all three parishes regarding a Neighbourhood Plan.
  17. Items for next agenda: newsletter
  18. Date of next meeting (Monday 13th May 2013 annual parish meeting followed by annual meeting of the Parish Council).