Minutes March 10th 2014

Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

Meeting held March 10TH 2014 At 7pm in Holmer Church Vestry Room


Present: Richard Nash (chair), Julie Debbage, Dawn Arbuthnott, Mark Millmore, Marc Mohan, John Phipps
In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson, Rebecca Gill (parish clerk), Hazel Philpotts, Graham Preece (footpaths officer), Mrs Kay Preece, Mrs Benbow (resident Canon Pyon Road) , Mr Richard Jenkins, Mr Jenkins


  1. APOLOGIES for ABSENCE, Ronnette Thomas , Ceri Lloyd-Davies
  2. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations
  3. TO CONSIDER AND ADOPT MINUTES OF LAST MEETING 13th January 2014 accepted as an accurate record of the meeting and signed by the chair
  4. Co-Opting new Parish Councillors and completed for return to Herefordshire council.
  5. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (Attendance by resident Mrs Benbow regarding Canon Pyon Rd highways issue) Road name sign broken and obscured by overgrown hedging, hedge on right hand side going north has been hacked back and trimmings have not been removed causing build up along footpath, and verges, causing flooding, and forcing pedestrians to step into road to avoid. SR mentioned a similar complaint from a member of the public. PC can write to land owner asking them to clear up cuttings and write to Belfour Beatty to ask for them to clear gullies. SR has photoghraphed road flooding issues in the area and is taking forward with BB. Mrs Benbow also mentioned road has been repaired very badly and other potholes are developing. PC agreed to write to land owner to ask that hedge trimmings cleared away from the road.
  6. Mr Jenkins email regarding planning advice.
    Family property and land owned at Bull Orchard Shelwick, next door to Wyoming Bungalow at Shelwick. Previously grazed by a neighbours stock for many years, neighbour now retiring, therefore land owners are now looking for alternative uses. Chair explained that the PC’s role is more to consult with local residents and neighbours and comment on proposals than to give planning or development advice. Messrs Jenkins explained that they want to keep a framework to the village and develop it in a sympathetic manner. They requested feedback on the type of houses required by the area, chair advised consulting a planning specialist. SR mentioned that pre-application advice is available from Herefordshire Council. Chair thanked Messrs Jenkins for attending.
  7. FINANCE – the following invoices were approved for payment
    i. Clerks salary and expenses outgoing clerk £528.17
    ii. HMRC PAYE £61.20
    iii. Clerks salary and expenses incoming clerk £273.67
    iv. Cheque for Viking £25.42 (ink)
    v. Hedleys legal fees re-commons £500 (an area of land on the footpath corner might have been purchased by HC to put a pumping station)
    vi. HALC annual subscription £628.07
    vii. Richard Mills lengthsman work £89.40
    viii. Cheque for half the room hire for Holmer parish centre (highways meeting) £17.50
    ix. Direct debit for Burial ground water rates £18.80 ratified
    x. To consider letter from local girl guide asking for sponsorship, PC does not have a policy for donations, clerk to write to say no budget for charitable donations but will write back provide a list of possible other avenues.
  8. Report from ward Councillor Sally Robertson
    Church Way application outline approved by committee, subject to SR, planning officer and chair of the planning committee approving wording of 106 . Highway issues acknowledged and will be progressed by SR with the agent including the funding of a feasibility study into how to resolve the highways issues in that area. SR will be negotiating on the use of contribution for this development will be approximately £100,000 (Crest was approx. £7-£800,000). SR will meet with HC’s 106 funding officer to get an update on the funding available for use in the parish and what projects have been approved. SR unhappy also that Holmer School do not benefit from 106 funding, and will be negotiating for funding to be diverted to Holmer School. SR will report back to the PC after meeting with the applicants agent.
    The Furlongs, issues with traffic lights, again section 106 funding can be used to resolve the issue, SR will raise with 106 funding officer.
    Kempton Avenue, another accident last week involving a motorcyclist, SR and Cllr Polly Andrews will be meeting with HC’s Assistant Director of Highways Richard Ball to discuss how to make this accident blackspot safer.
    PROW closed at Crest site is being progressed.
    Munstone Road large number of complaints regarding state of the road, however, potholes repaired last week.
    Balfour Beatty restructuring, which may affect response times.
    Salou – concern locally regarding a structure being built in garden reported to enforcement officer, retrospective planning application being submitted.
    Newsletter being proposed for April/Easter time. Mark Millmore wants to discuss newsletters and website etc with SR.
    SR and clerk had met to progress the ordering of a salt bins at Bobblestock.
    Public transport consultation being advertised and circulated by HC.
  9. Police Report – previously circulated and noted. Clerk to feedback to police that old style of report was preferred giving details of incidents.
  10. Planning- applications update circulated and noted. Councillors reminded that responses are required to the clerk by the deadline given, also to reply to all to ensure all councillors are aware of comments made.
  11. Highways update – covered in SR’s report.
  12. Footpath officer update – nothing to report, SR working on the closed footpath at Crest raised with PROW officer to take forward for resolution. Marc requested a copy of a plan of all paths in the parish.
  13. BURIAL GROUND Meeting held with John Gibbon HC’s Cemetery Superintendent in November, councillors met again in December, JG suggested that the parish are not charging sufficiently to run the burial ground covering costs. He is suggesting Pc only selling double plots.
    RG also suggested restricting the sale of plots to residents in the parish or for those with long standing connections.
    Advised to write a policy on planting and possibly a memorial garden with space for burial of ashes.
    JG advises that there is possibly space for 40 more plots.
    PC should look into public liability insurance.
    PC should only employing grave diggers with own insurance and advised to employ only certified stone masons.
    Working group to be created with Julie Debbage, Dawn Arbuthnot and Marc Mohan to work on reviewing policies etc.
    i. JP proposes to set charging structure rates at 10% below HC’s rates until further review, seconded by Marc Mohan.
    ii. Extension or use of congregating area (Crest funding available)
    iii. Maintenance- clerk to email around the quotes
    iv. Two requests received for burial plots and plots for interment of ashes, clerk to back to reassure that progress is being made and that the parish council is still working to resolve the burial ground.
  14. CLERKS UP-DATE and correspondence
  15. LENGTHSMAN SCHEME circulate agreement so councillors are aware of the type of work the lengthsman can be asked to do
  16. Notice boards update JP to liaise with Fran White
  17. COMMUNITY LED PLAN UP-DATE SR updated on a new application for a grant to complete the Plan, to be submitted by HC, three quotes obtained for data analysis work following receipt of questionnaires,
  18. ITEMS FOR NEXT AGENDA website, burial ground ,notice boards ,
  19. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 12th May Annual parish meeting starting 6.30 followed by Parish council meeting.