Minutes January 14th 2013

Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

Monday 14th January 2013 7pm in Holmer Church Vestry Room


Present: Neil Duggan (chair), John Phipps, Dawn Arbuthnot, Julie Debbage, Ronnette Thomas,
In attendance: Ward Councillor Sally Robertson, Hazel Philpotts (parish clerk)

  1.  Apologies for absence: received from Richard Nash, Neil Jenkins and Graham Preece (footpaths officer)
  2. Declarations of interest: none received.
  3. Pecuniary interests: clerk issued a dispensation to all councillors from the requirement to declare a pecuniary interest in the setting of the budget and precept for 2013/14.
  4. Minutes of last meeting (12th November 2012): accepted as an accurate record of the meeting and signed by the chair.
  5. Public participation: no public present.
  6. Report from Ward Councillor Robertson:
    6.1. Informal hearing for Crest 29 houses at Attwood Lane, Town Hall 19th March SR and NJ will continue with traffic counts to add to evidence; Crest is challenging the traffic data submitted.
    6.2. SR met with Lion Homes, planning offices and environmental health and has arranged another meeting on 28th January at HC Planning office to discuss. Not known yet whether an appeal will be submitted by Lion Homes. Councillors attending on 28th January for PC: John Phipps, Julie Debbage, Dawn Arbuthnot and Neil Jenkins.
    6.3. Boundary commission: representations have been submitted to the final round of consultation.
    6.4. A49: SR meeting on 15th January to prepare a representation to the Highways Agency about on-going issues with A49, speed limits etc, the PC has asked for a stepped speed limit before reaching the 30mph , beginning with 40mph further out towards Lyde.
    6.5. Patch Hill no through road sign requested previously, Amey had said it was in this year’s programme, SR will be following up with Amey at surgery this week.
    6.6. LDF – changing name to Local Plan Core Strategy 2011 to 2031, draft going to Cabinet on 1st Feb then out for consultation: SR will keep PC informed. Public consultation will be March to May, working towards being ready for submission to Secretary of State and implementation during spring of 2014.
    6.7. SR will be arranging a neighbourhood planning meeting for all councillors of her three parishes to go into detail on the benefits of having a neighbourhood plan, and the issues that may arise if a parish does not have a plan. (clerk to ask HALC for information on the number of parishioners/councillor ratio; as the parish has grown due to development can the PC grow proportionally).
  7. Police report – PC Neil James attended the meeting. Main problems are burglaries in the county, not spur of the moment jobs but planned and targeted at quality properties, especially around the Weobley area.
  8. Planning
    8.1. applications update – SR and HP praised for success at planning committees.
    8.2. Greenways, Munstone Road, application for garage and studio – no objection
    8.3. Lyde Court – change of use for weddings, events and performing arts events – passing bays need to be created in the access road. Parish council is unhappy with the emotional blackmail being exerted due to the bookings taken for weddings for which they do not have planning permission to hold. PC would like to join SR and HC’s planning officer Kelly Gibbons on the site visit. PC concerned that the application could slide under the radar due to the retrospective nature.
    8.4. Herefordshire Council’s proposal to charge £4.00 per hard copy of planning documentation discussed. Resolved to view documentation on line unless a large or complicated application is received, when hard copies will be requested.
  9. Burial Ground – maintenance update, clerk put notices up regarding levelling off and clearing up. Rolling programme of maintenance to be drawn up. Neil Duggan, John Phipps and Ronnette Thomas to meet at weekend to have a look at hedges, shrubs and ground.
  10. Pond bench – update and consideration of quotes for maintenance and painting. Two quotes obtained Mettech £300 Finishing Touch £220: resolved to accept Finishing Touch’s quotation. Acknowledged that process may well have to be repeated in two or three years due to the metal frame starting to rush.
  11. Consider request for a salt bin on Bobblestock Hill/Roman Road sliproad: SR has had requests for salt bin from residents, and raised at an Amey surgery. Amey responded that the request has been categorised as a ‘B’ priority therefore Amey will not be providing the bin. JP will donate a 45gallon barrel to be used on its side if Amey will fill and keep it replenished. SR will ask if use of barrels is permitted.
  12. Notice boards – update – carry forward to next meeting.
  13. Lengthsman scheme – update carry forward to next meeting.
  14. Finance
    14.1. invoices/payments to be approved:
    clerks salary and expenses £624.70
    Holmer Church Parish Centre – hire of meeting room £158.00
    14.2. Consideration of budget and precept for 2013/14:
    precept increase by a band C parish council contribution times the number of new properties in the parish up to April 2013. Resolved to set the precept at £6954.00
    14.3. clerk asked to draw up a budget for the community led plan project showing income and spend to date. Two Saturday room hire, plans, event at rose Gardens income Dec 2010 £750
    14.4. consider quotation for traffic survey: figures not available
  15. Clerks update and correspondence – noted.
  16. Community Led Plan and Neighbourhood Planning update: meeting next Monday 7pm at Church
  17. Items for next agenda: update on Section 106 money regularise the easement for access to Valden
  18. Date of next meeting: 11th March 2013