Minutes January 12th 2015


Councillors are summoned to a meeting on January 12th 2015 at 7pm in HOLMER Parish Centre


In Attendance: Mark Millmore(MMILL), John Phipps(JP), Dawn Arbuthnott(DA) Mark Mohan (MMO), Donna Taylor(DT),
Present: Rebecca Gill Clerk, Ward Councillor Sally Robertson, Graham Preece (GP), Four members of the public.
2. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: N/A
3. Request for dispensation: None
4. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 10th Nov 2014 and 11thDec 2014:

Accepted as a true and accurate account of the meeting and signed by the Chair MMIL

5. Public participation (10 mins)

Member of the public from the furlongs has issue with BT can PC put any pressure on them.SR to raise it with BT. Member of the public raised the point of 60mph speed limit on Munstone Road. Advised to put something in writing to the PC so it can be evidenced to the correct people.

6. Finance

• Clerks salary as agreed by the Parish Council
• Holmer Parish centre room hire £128.00
• Viking office supplies £25.42
• Richard Mills Lengthsman work £252.00
• Burghill cap for newsletter £150.00 *added at meeting*

7. Projector Trial:

Will be trialled at forthcoming meeting.

8. Planning

• P143592 Land west of C1125 and Shelwick Grange Farm. Proposed storage shed: Councillors voted to raise No objection response to this application.
• P143556 Magnis Works ,Roman Rd Bobblestock ,Hereford. Site for new housing: Councillors voted to raise No objections to this application.

9. Planning update:

PC will continue to research this process.

10. Police report:

Send card of support to Neil James

11. Footpath officer report and P3 scheme:

No real issues on footpaths although dog fouling is becoming a real problem especially along the furlongs. New locality steward started today so hopefully will improve communications .Holmer and Shelwick Parish has 794m footpath 1600 bridleway, which would equate to £500.00 for the PC to maintain the footpaths. Clerk to ask James Powell what figure was spent on the footpaths in the parish. Put it on the next Agenda.

12. Church way and Attwood Lane 106 Monies:

Yvonne Coleman replied to SR email regarding Attwood lane 106 monies. SR is not happy with the some of the responses.SR and JP and MMO to meet with the director as Yvonne Coleman has not properly answered the questions. Councillors to read and pass thoughts to SR.

13. Finalise budget and Precept:

£8004+1168 (formula 100 houses x 11.68) all councillors in favour of this figure of £9172 for precept.

14. Report by Ward Councillor Sally Robertson: Core strategy public hearing dates:

10th Feb 11th Feb17th 18th 24th 25th Feb.SR would like to do a report on the website regarding the hearing. Website training session was disappointing as only 12 people came. But some issues were raised regarding the Furlongs traffic lights. SR met lord Coe as SR was put forward for a leading lights award. Holmer Park approached SR about a Community Games.

SR feels it would be a great thing for Holmer and Shelwick PC and maybe discuss in the future the PC paying for the medals. June 21st .Moreton PC are holding an Extraordinary meeting regarding a planning app for chicken huts. Mike Gill has come back as Holmer and Shelwick PC locality steward.

15. Lengthsman Scheme update:

Speak to RM about gulley at Attwood lane , arrange to meet RM and A councillor there to discuss it.

16. Burial Ground update :

Nothing to report, but has DA has taken photos of some damaged headstones. Put on Feb agenda.

17. Advertising on the website:

Pc cannot make any profit, Discussed perhaps only certified tradesman should be allowed to advertise. Clerk to check with HALC if we are liable for people advertising. Advertising should be chosen on a vote basis by Parish councillors.

18. Adopt a planning process:

See planning update.

19. Clerks update and correspondence
20. Items for next agenda:

Website, burial ground,  CLP,  Dog fouling,  section 106 monies for Attwood lane and Church way.  Bus stop for Furlongs.  Munstone Rd speed limit.

21. Meeting closed at 20.35

Date of next meeting 9th February 2015

Minutes January 12th 2015