Minutes Extraordinary Meeting for NDP 5th December 2016

Extraordinary Meeting for Neighbourhood Development Plan.
Meeting was held at Holmer Parish Centre
on 5th December at 7pm


In Attendance: Mark Millmore(MMIL) Chairman, Marc Mohan(MMO), Neil Duggan(ND),
Present: Rebecca Gil (RG) Clerk

1. Apologies for absence: Andrew Coultas

2. Declarations of interestand written request for disclosable pecuniary interest dispensation: None

3. Request for dispensation:None

4. To report on on Parish council meeting held on 23rd November: Chairman reports that the meeting was a success and over 40 members of the public turned out. Kevin Singleton spoke about the Hap and Lynda Wilcox spoke about NDP. Twenty people put their names down to be part of the NDP

5. To consider adopting a neighbourhood development plan: MMIL propose and mmo seconds.

6. To consider the area of the Neighbourhood development plan: Entire Parish to entered

7. To consider setting up a Pariah council steering group for the Neighbourhood Development plan: To recruit from the list given at the November meeting. MMIl to telephone and email when the next meeting will be held.

8. To consider the grant application for the Neighbourhood Development Plan. Clerk to email Sam Banks and MMIl will get details from Lynda Wilcox for forms for grants. Go through to locality website and steering group will apply for grant and identify how much we need. You can also apply for awards for all for a further 9k. So a total of 19k. Steering group will then report to PC

9. To consider a planning consultant for the Neighbourhood Development plan: Steering group will ascertain if there are any local Planning consultants. HALC use Kirkwells and Dave Nicholson who is a local have a lot of experience

10. To consider dates and venue for the Neighbourhood Development plan steering group meetings: Clerk to ask Manager at Holmer Park and Spa if the venue can be used. Date for Steering group meeting will be 23rd January 2017 at 7pm. A co-ordinator will be appointed by the steering group members. Notes will be taken not minutes.

11. Date of next meeting: 9th January 2017

12. Meeting closed at 19.25