Minutes extraordinary meeting 30th March Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council

Councillors are summoned to an extraordinary meeting on 30th March at 7pm in Lyde Church


Present: Ward Cllr Sally Robertson (SR), Rebecca Gill (Clerk)(RG),and 48 members of the public, Stuart Knowle and Paul Tucker from Belfour Beatty

In attendance: Mark Millmore (MMIL), Marc Mohan (MMO), John Phipps (JP), Dawn Arbuthnott(DA),Neil Jenkins(NJ)

1. Accept apologies for absence: Apologies of absence have been received by the clerk from Cllr Alan Peel. No apologies received from Cllr Donna Taylor.

2. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations : None

3. Request for dispensation: None

4. Public participation (10mins)

Member of the public,mainly concerned about the increase in traffic along Roman Rd and the A49 and is concerned that the site will be used as rat run, this will cause concerns about safety because of people crossing to the bus stop on Roman road.

Also concerned about the surface water run of affecting the Aylesbrook brook and flooding Roman Rd by the entrance to the race course. The residents off the Crescent will be affected by the nursing home from noise and lighting ( an email has been sent to the PC) Extreme weather and more volatile weather will affect the flooding in the area.

Water pressure is a problem for houses on the Crescent and these are already at peak pressure for their boilers.

Member of public challenges the need for these houses and asks where are people going to work that live in this site. SR inspector will be looking at this as part of the core strategy hearing.

The site is against the policy of sustainability as people will need to walk to any places of work or any shops.

The park and ride is not part of the application although it is being heavily talked about as relieving traffic on the A49. Also concerned that it will be used as a rat run.

Member of the public attended the Bloor consultation in June and has concerns about how Holmer school will cope with the increased amount of children. Also no shops on the site so the ones in the area will be affected also concerned that homes will be built as sold and therefore building will go on for many years.

Again flooding is an issue for the Roman Rd. Member of the public believes the logic is floored, as how will building so many homes on this site help lack of homes in other areas such as Wooton.

None of this planning application has mentioned the future strain this will put on the NHS including the hospital and Dr surgeries which are already struggling.

Resident concerned that it will go ahead whatever is said and feels this is the worst kind of ribbon development.

Concerns that the new entrance on the A49 from this development and the Crest development and how this will affect the starting gate roundabout also feels there is not a need for a specialist housing scheme .Feels the density and heights and tenure of the development affecting the views. SR park and ride will have to be subsidised by the council and they are already cutting bus services. Highways officer told SR that they don’t like traffic coming onto a trunk rd.

SR has been told by the Wye valley trust there is a massive shortage of nurses.

Traffic is again a major issue especially on Roman Rd and is been used in essence as a bypass. You can not even cross the roads at some times of day as they are so busy .

The balance ponds will also hold stagnant water.

Concerned to hear that it was HC that pushed this site and that it was not Bloor first choice site for this development. Member of the public asks the question “How sure can we be sure that HC decision will be unbiased based on this and the fact that Bloor will be giving so much money to the HC in the way of 106 monies. SR HC are heavily monitored and developers will not pay money if they don’t have to. Also saw that the site will be a 9 year development and does not believe that Bloor will fund the northern road. Told that there would be no exit onto the ring road.

There is not any room to extend the school even if money was given and there is also flooding on the School site.

Will there be provisions for cyclists SR yes Cycle paths will be improved and linked up to the race course and Holmer road and park and ride.

Previous application for 8 houses was turned down at appeal and one of the reasons was the flood risk so how can a surveyor employed by the developer say that there is no risk from 460 houses.

22 people of the people present would object regardless of what could be achieved by the development. 8 people were be happy as long as we got what we needed.

5. Planning: 150478 – Land to the north of the Roman Road west of the A49, Holmer West, Hereford, Herefordshire

DESCRIPTION: Proposed erection of up to 460 dwellings including affordable housing, public open space, a Park & Ride facility, with associated landscaping access, drainage and other associated work:

After hearing what was said at the public participation session . JP feels that the application is premature until the core strategy hearing has been completed. Cllrs resolved MMO thinks that we should object on all material concerns. All Cllr voted to object to the application .  All Cllr resolved to use JP statement and all material concerns raised by the public.

6. Discuss Attwood lane /Roman road works:

Stuart Knowle and Paul Tucker from BB.NJ said that the amount of complaints that he has received about the changes to the Attwood lane and Roman Rd junction could have filled a room.

Firstly BB would like to apologies that they did not consult with the PC regarding the work and they only let immediate residents know that road works would be happening IT was NOT a consultation.

The new footway is a shared use footway and is suitably signed. The scheme is to encourage cyclist. No more work will be done until the issues have been resolved on the Attwood lane junction. BB will monitor the bank that has been dug into and make sure the bank remains stable.

Because of forward visibility being good they are happy to use a smaller than needed shared use space for this.

JP it is evident that the lion court parking is a problem as it is inadequate and will cause more parking on the road. MMO we should not be encouraging a substandard path. NJ the agreement was the footpath from the furlongs would be on the south side with access from a toucan crossing. And that there was never any agreement with the PC for a shared path to be used on the north side. NJ this cycle path is not needed as there are very few pedestrians and cyclists verses the amount of vehicles that this will affect.

BB are trying to make the crossing safer regardless of the amount of people using it. BB are trying to encourage people to walk or cycle. The issues have been caused because the PC was not consulted before work started If they had these issues should have been ironed out before work started.

MMIL the fact that the road is used as a rat run with impatient drivers and the road has now been narrowed and it is causing a bottleneck in fact this will cause a danger to bikes and pedestrians as people will walk behind cars. The problem of a rat run from Attwood lane is historic and profound. BB accept that the current scheme planned is not going to be acceptable to the PC.  BB have looked at this and have come up with a new scheme.

PC resolved to put this on the next PC meeting on 13th April

7. Meeting closed at 21.07

8. Date of next meeting 13th April 2015

Minutes extraordinary meeting 30th March Holmer & Shelwick Parish Council