Minutes 9th November 2015

Councillors were summoned to a meeting on 9th November 2015 at 7pm in HOLMER Parish Centre


Present: Rebecca Gill(RG( clerk,Ward Councillor Andrew Round(AR)Richard Mills (RM),Graham Preece(GP), three members of the public.

In Attendance: Mark Millmore Chairman(MMIL), Marc Mohan (MMO) Neil Duggan (ND)

1. Accept apologies for ABSENCE: Neil Jenkins and Dawn Arbuthnott and Sally Robertson

2. Co-Option of any new Councillors to the Parish Council: N/A

3. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations : None

4. Request for dispensation: None Received

5. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 12th October 2015: Minutes accepted as a true and accurate account of the meeting and signed by the chair.

6. Action points from previous meeting

• SR and MMIL to write and design content for newsletter.SR would like to get newsletter out for the 1st December.
• AR, SR and MMIl will meet to discuss letter regarding crossing on Roman road. Not taken place
• MMO will look into who owns the verges on Attwood lane On-going
• SR and RG to write to Richard Ball regarding Attwood lane petition: Sr has emailed Richard Ball again and is awaiting reply.
• RG to make sign for Welsh Water sewage tank. Spoken to Neil Jenkins and he agreed to site it for RG.
• RG to write to Geoff Hughes regarding 106 monies spread sheet. See letter to Geoff Hughes: : Draft letter to Geoff Hughes written by SR and RG .This will be emailed and sent in Hard copy to Geoff Hughes
• RG to get advice on community assets from HALC.
• RG to continue to get quotes for dog fouling bins. RG got quotes from Max Grantham at BB. ND proposes to accept Quote and MMO seconded. Decide siting of bins at January meeting.

7. Report by Ward Councillor: Core Strategy has now been adopted. Manny Smith will meet with AR to walk the Parish.

8. Public participation (10 mins) Member of the public complains about passing space on Attwood Lane. Member of the public asked about community assets. MMO will get a copy of deeds to JP. Member of the public is privy to information about the Attwood lane junction that the Parish Council has not been told about. AR to Follow up With Richard ball about this. PC to write to Richard Ball asking if it is correct that Attwood Lane Junction will be returned to original Form.

9. Finance

• Clerks salary as agreed by the Parish Council
• R Mills Burial ground £288.00
• Holmer PCC room hire £66.00
• Viking £104.98
All cheques accepted and signed by MMIL and MMO. Bank sheet signed by MMIL

10. Planning

• Update sheet
• 153052 – Land off Attwood Lane, Holmer, Hereford, HR1 1LJ
Write to KG and ask what the differences are between the two applications.

11. Footpath update: No Problems reported to the GP . MMIl reports problem on Attwood lane footpath.GP Looking at improvements on H14 and H10.H14 is very problematic. GP then tenders his resignation as Footpaths officer. PC invite Richard Mills to January meeting to discuss P3 scheme. Clerk to write to GP and thank him for his service to the parish.

12. Lengthsman

• Contract
• List of Jobs: Send map of the parish to RM. Send list to RM starting with Signs being washed and vegetation cut round. Pavement maintenance church way/Attwood lane. Pavement maintenance by Bellebank Avenue. Burial ground access. Check Salt bins. Fallen tree on footpath at Attwood lane. Hedge at Attwood lane to be cut back. Invite RM to PC meeting in March.
• Clerk to Write to James Powell or Jo Parring about emails not being received.

13. Attwood Lane junction update. See Public participation.

14. PC annual governance review. Clerk to write to Anthony Bush explaining that PC has not discussed this yet and asking if we can have until January.

15. Financial regulations update: MMIl on-going

16. Community assets update: On-going

17. Community led plan update and discuss proposed action plan: MMIL proposes that the CLP draft is accepted by the Parish council. This is Seconded by MMO. Parish Council Wishes to thank the steering group and in particular Kate Phipps for her contribution so far.

18. Decide budget and precept for 2016: MMO proposes that figures given by clerk be accepted and MMIL seconded. £11450 agreed figure.

19. Police report: circulated by email to all councillors.

20. Burial Ground: One internment reported.

21. Clerks update and correspondence: circulated to all councillors present.

22. Items for next agenda: P3 scheme, Annual Governance review.

23. Meeting closed to public at 20.41

24. Clerks Salary review: Move to January Agenda

25. Meeting closed at 20.50

26. Date of next meeting 11th January 2016