Minutes 9th May 2016

Councillors were summoned to a meeting on 9th May 2016 at 7pm
in HOLMER Parish Centre
Press and public are cordially invited to attend


In Attendance: Marc Mohan(MMO) Vice Chair, Neil Duggan(ND), Kerry Sheldon(KS), Jane Davies(JD), Sally Robertson (SR), Angela Tyler(AT)

Present: Rebecca Gill (RG) clerk, 27 members of the public

1. Accept apologies for ABSENCE: MMIL, NJ, Andrew Round(AR)

2. To vote in a new Vice Chairman: Decided at Annual meeting on 6th May

3. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations

4. Request for dispensation: None received

5. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 11th April 2016: Minutes accepted as a true and accurate account of the meeting and signed by the chair.

6. Report by Ward Councillor: Not in attendance

7. Public participation (10 mins): Member of the public asks if we have found out anything about the pre-ported medieval site on the land owned by Ian Griffiths. Also gives the PC the details he has found at the records office. ND will look into this. Member of the public objects to the PC using the word hearsay about this land being developed. MMO asks members of the public to register an interest and asks people to give us their details, so that we can keep them involved if we hear anything. Member of the public asks the PC to consider the Rambles application. He details that no traffic assessment has been done. He reports near misses on accidents. The member of the public questions the ecology survey. He also questions the flooding issue. It is in the application that there is no flooding. He feels it will affect the entire village. He is also questioning the amenity space of the residents. Member of the public asks why we did not get a quote from NALC and just went with HALC. ND raises the question that we should get a quote from NALC and HALC.
8. Action Points

  • Quotes for Bench re-painting. ND still trying to get quotes.
  • Letter regarding costing`s of Roman Rd/Attwood Lane junction to RB.
  • Letter of support for pelican crossing on Roman Rd. SR to write

9. Finance

  • Sign finance sheet

10. Planning and Updates

  • 160959 – Land to the East of The Rambles, Shelwick. Residential development of four detached two storey house: MMO proposes that we do a site visit for this application. Councillors will meet on site on Friday 13th May 4pm MMO, ND, AT, KD.

11. Notice boards: ND says we have three. ND proposes that we add one to the Church layby, Wentworth Park and The Furlongs. Permission needs to be obtained from The vicar, MMO to talk to The Furlongs. Talk to NJ about Wentworth Park. ND kindly offers to erect the signs once permission is obtained.

12. Sign Audit forms: Forms to be signed outside of a meeting providing the internal auditor is accepting of the figures. AT to check figures PC happy for MMIl to sign forms after Internal audit is done.

13. Proposed development of Land owned by Ian Griffiths. This item was moved to item 6.

14. Roman Rd white lines at Junction Attwood Lane/Old school lane: SR was dealing with this issue and is not present. Move to next agenda.

15. Parking on the pavement on Church Way. Clerk to report this to our CSO.

16. Wentworth Park Play area: Neil Jenkins sent his thoughts on this proposal to the clerk who distributed them to the other councillor. Fran White speaks to the residents about this application. Age restrictions signs and no ball games signs might be an idea. PC to do a consultation with residents and to get costing`s for maintenance of play equipment. MMO to look into consultation. RG to look at costing`s for maintenance of play equipment. £37,400 available for maintenance.

17. Layby next to the church: Clerk to report to highways officer AT to advise clerk.

18. Lengthsman: Clerk to arrange meeting.

19. Training for Councillors in conjunction with Burghill. Clerk to email SR.

20. Footpath Munstone Road from Furlongs: MMO read out the report written by MMIl who met with Residents on site. PC to contact Mark Willimont about our concerns MMO and MMIL to write Draft letter, including report from MMIL.

21. Police report: Emailed to all Councillors. Clerk to contact CSO about posters about crime prevention.

22. Burial Ground: ND was concerned that someone is camping in the burial ground shed. He has removed the lock and will remove the contents and put our things back in there with a lock. PC will need to get the bier valued and added to the asset register. Clerk to contact an undertaker to get it valued for the asset register and for insurance. PC approved headstone application.

23. Clerks update and correspondence: Clerk to email in future.

24. Items for next agenda: Wentworth Park play area, White lines at Roamn rd/ Attwood lane, Training for councillors, Traffic Calming for Attwood lane invite James Fishlock, Neighbourhood plan. Notice boards. Dog Bins.

25. Date of next meeting 13th June 2016

26. Meeting closed 20.45