Minutes 9th January 2017

Councillors were summoned to a meeting on 9th January at 7pm in HOLMER Park Spa
Press and public are cordially invited to attend


In Attendance: Mark Millmore(MMIL), Marc Mohan(MMO), Neil Jenkins(NJ), Neil Duggan(ND), Jane Davies(JD), Angela Tyler(AT), Andrew Coultas(AC).

Present: Rebecca Gill (RG) Clerk

1. Accept apologies for ABSENCE: Kerry Sheldon emailed her resignation from the council with immediate effect.

2. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations: MMIL item 7.1 Pecuniary interest.

3. Request for dispensation: None

4. To consider and adopt the minutes from the meeting 14th November 2016: Minutes agreed by the council and signed by the chairman MMIL.

5. Report by Ward Councillor: AR wishes the Parish A Happy New Year. He has contacted the locality steward over potholes. Also about the overgrown hedge on the A49 near the Church. He has to contact the Highways England. Hereford Council are responsible. AR will again contact locality steward. Zebra crossing near shop has been looked at by Locality steward. They would like to see a Pelican crossing there instead. Richard Ball Attwood Lane junction costings have still not been received. MR Andrews contacted about lighting issues in Meadow View. Does AR need to still attend HAP meetings now we are doing a NDP.

6. Public participation (10 mins): Note posted through MMIL’s door about parking on Cattery but not signed so therefore cannot be read out.

7. Finance

  • Clerks salary as agreed by the parish Council
  • ICO registration fee £35.00
  • Viking Ink: £52.19
  • All cheques agreed and signed by MMIL and Mo

8. Planning and Updates

  • 163894 – Land at West Court, Attwood Lane, Hereford Approval of reserved matters: MMIL leaves the room as an interest has been declared. MMO takes the chair. PC would like it noted that no sewage system has been mentioned. We concur with the planning officer regarding landscaping and hedging.
  • 163834 The Cottage, Orchard Close. Proposed two storey extension and detached garage. MMIL is invited back into the room. PC has no objections but would like it noted that amenity space is considered and obscure glass is used. Provide a material storage area because of access or a time constriction to the build time.

9. Update on Clerk appointment: David Henry William Hunter Miller has applied. PC votes to Interview him. MMIl has offered his home for the interview. Interview panel MMIL, MMO, NJ, AC 20th January 11am for interview.

10. Report from Working Group (WG) regarding 106 monies for traffic calming within the parish from their meeting with Belfour Beatty (BB).

The Working Group met with James Fishlock (JF) of BB. JF informed the working group that BB had been tasked by Hereford Council to implement the section 106 monies from the Furlongs and Lion Court Homes. The sum of £554k has been allocated to BB to implement the section 106 legal agreements previously agreed by the developers. BB told the working group that these monies are to be used for the implantation of traffic calming measures within the parish and a footpath from Lion Court homes along Atwood Lane to Wentworth Park. Various traffic calming measures were discussed with WG/BB and a plan was presented by JF to the PC.

WG reported that the plan presented by JF was a result of the aspirations of the parishioners over many years of consultation with the Parish Council.

The PC was asked to vote on whether to adopt this plan. MMIL proposed and MMOH seconded.
Six votes in favour NJ abstained. Vote passed.

(ND expressed a concern that any measures implemented within the parish should allow farm and business traffic to operate normally without obstructions where possible).

JF will now start the process and present a report to the PC within the next few months.

11. NDP update. Meeting on 23rd January at 7pm at Holmer Park Spa. Forms filed in and should be checked and sent back.

12. Consider Budget for next year to be voted. MMO proposes to keep budget the same as last year at £11450

13. Bank Acc problem to be discussed. ND will ask Ex parish councillor if he will kindly sign the forms. If not Legal action will be sought. In the mean time advice will be taken.

14. Appoint footpaths officer. Thanks given to Graham Preece for all his many years on the Parish Council as footpaths officer. Also apologises for not doing this sooner. PC to contact Council footpaths officer and let them know that they would like to propose Duncan Graham Smart for this position and MMIL will contact him regarding a job description.

15. Lengthsman: Signs in Parish to be cleared of overgrown vegitation and cleaned.

16. Burial ground improvements update: MMIL spoke to Mark Breadon and work will continue soon. Still need quote on handrail

17. Clerks update: N/A

18. Items for next agenda: Handrail quotes for slope at burial ground, report from working group, Neil Duggan offers apologies for Feb Meeting, NDP report, Bank account issues.

19. Date of next meeting 13th February 2017.

20. Meting closed.