Minutes 20th February 2017

Parish Council meeting on 20th February 2017 at 7pm at
Holmer Park Health Club & Spa Cleeve Orchard,
Roman Road, Hereford HR1 1LL


Present: Mark Millmore (MMil) Chairman, Marc Mohan (MMo) Vice Chairman, Jane Davies (JD), Neil Jenkins (NJ), Andrew Coultas (AC)
In Attendance: Clerk, Councillor Round (AR), Duncan Smart (DS) Footpaths Officer

1. Employment matters appointment of clerk
A resolution was passed to exclude the public from the meeting to discuss this confidential employment item.
It was proposed by MMil, seconded by NJ and resolved that David Hunter-Miller be appointed as Parish Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer.
Members of public were welcomed back into the meeting.

2. Accept apologies for ABSENCE
Apologies received from Neil Duggan and Angela Tyler

3. DECLARATIONS of INTEREST and written requests for Disclosable Pecuniary Interest dispensations
MMil and MMo declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 10.1, P170252/F Barn at the Old Farmhouse, Shelwick.

4. Request for dispensation
Nil received.

5. To consider and adopt the minutes from the Extraordinary NDP Meeting on 5th December 2016 and Parish Council meeting on 9th January 2017
The minutes of the NDP meeting on the 5th December 2016 and the Parish Council meeting on the 9th January were approved and signed by MMil.

6. Finance:
Viking Direct £157.16 – HALC £1045.07
The council discussed the increase in HALC fees, it was identified that this was due to the increase in population of the Parish. It was noted that the HALC fees qualifies the council for two evening training sessions for parish councillors.
The council agreed the payments as listed.

7. Report by Ward Councillor
AR provided an update on Holmer trading estate and would endeavour to confirm the S106 contributions that would be available to the council. The council were encouraged to have ideas on possible uses for this S106.
AR provided an update on pothole repairs in the parish. The quality and efficiency of the repairs was discussed.
The council thanked AR for pursuing white line replacement work.

8. Public participation (10 mins)
A resident echoed concerns raised regarding the standard of pothole repairs. A discussion on planning application P170083/F was deferred until item 10.4 on the agenda.

9. Report from the NDP steering group and set the date of next NDP meeting
An update was given by MMo regarding progress of the NDP steering group. It was confirmed that Sarah Saville was to be the NDP Coordinator. The process for the appointment of a consultant to assist with the NDP was discussed. A meeting is to be convened on Wednesday 22nd to discuss budgets. The next full NDP meeting is proposed for Monday 27th.

10. Planning and Updates

  1. P170252/F – Barn at the Old Farmhouse Shelwick Herefordshire HR1 3AL, Proposed 3 bedroom house. Replacing previous application for bungalow.
    Approved by the council.
  2. P170146/XA2 Lugg Bridge Quarry Bromyard Road HR1 3LZ, Application for approval of details reserved by condition 4 attached to planning permission
    Application already granted permission, no objections.
  3. P170001/FH – 2 Burcott Cottages Roman Road Burcott Hereford Herefordshire HR1 1JL, Single story Garage/store
    Approved by the council.
  4. P170083/F – Land off Church Way Holmer Hereford , Variation of Condition 2 of Planning Permission 151600/F (Proposed erection of 10 no. dwellings along with associated vehicular and pedestrian access, internal access roads, car parking, landscaping including realignment of hedgerow, drainage and other associated works). For reposition of plot 5, erection of garage and realign internal road
    Discussion on relocation of plot 5. A resident raised concern at possible interference with the nearby water mains, MMo confirmed that this wouldn’t be an issue based on the new plans submitted.
    Approved by the council.

11. Lengthsman – Report of work done
MMil provided an update on work undertaken by the Lengthsman. Signs have been cleared, hedges cut and drainage gullies emptied. A claim will be submitted from the Lengthsman grant.
It was agreed that the Clerk would write to Highways England, regarding overgrown hedgerows bordering the A49.
It was agreed that the Clerk would write to the landowner regarding an overgrown hedge that obstructs visibility at the junction of Church Way/A49.

12. Parish Council Bank Account problem update.
Documents need signing by ex parish councillor to allow mandate change. It was agreed that JD and MMil would be new signatories. The council will complete the necessary paperwork and then arrange for the required signature to be collected.

13. Footpaths Report
Report given by Footpaths Officer, Duncan Smart. The entire footway network in Parish has been surveyed. It was reported that the waymark and fingerpost signing needs improvement. It was agreed to add this to a future agenda to discuss if the council could assist with this.
It was queried if the footpath officer would be covered by parish council insurance, it was agreed that the Clerk would confirm the position with HALC.
Bridleway HO18 needs clearing as it is not fit for equine use. It was agreed that the Clerk would contact Herefordshire Council to enquire as to likely timescales for repair. Other options for clearing, including the use of the Probation Service, were discussed.
Concern was raised at the continued use of Heras fencing on footpath entrance from Attwood Lane to the Furlongs, it was agreed that the Clerk would write to the landowner requesting completion of the work.

14. Burial ground update – improvements, handrail quotes and other requirements.
The council awaits the quote for improvement work.
Clearance work to site is ongoing, wood chipper proposed by MMil to deal with arisings.
Notice board will need replacing, MMil to obtain costs, to be discussed at the next meeting.

15. Advertise two casual vacancies for the Parish Council
It was agreed to add an advert onto the parish noticeboard and website.

16. Training courses for Parish Councillors
Discussion on HALC training courses for Councillors. To add to agenda for next meeting.

17. Items for the next agenda
Footpaths report, Training, S106 update, NDP update, dog fouling bins update
Date of next meeting 13th March 2017

The meeting closed at 8:30PM.

Notes concerning meeting quorum
“…no business shall be transacted at a meeting of a parish council unless at least one-third of the whole number of members of the council are present at the meeting; but, notwithstanding anything in that paragraph, in no case shall the quorum be less than three.” – Local Government Act 1972, Schedule 12